Ted Lasso's Hannah Waddingham OPENS UP about playing Rebecca; Says the character brought her 'great catharsis'

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Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham spoke about similarities in her life and her onscreen character Rebecca Welton.

Ted Lasso’s “intimidating” Rebecca Welton had a lot to offer in season 1 of the show in terms of her character arc. As the show proceeded, we found out the truth behind her cold exterior, which stemmed from her marital problems with AFC Richmond's former owner, Rupert Mannion, played by Anthony Head, which hit hard on the former’s self-esteem.

In Entertainment Weekly’s The Awardist podcast, Hannah Waddingham, who plays the strong and confident Rebbeca in Ted Lasso explains her connection with the character’s storyline and why Rebbeca’s entire plot in season 1 feels too real to the actress. 

"The greatest thing about this job is that it has allowed me great catharsis from a controlling, verbally abusive relationship that I'd had [in real life], that people looking at me wouldn't think that I'd experienced," she began.

She explained how a certain scene from the show was something she had faced in her real life. Adding to the same, Waddingham opened up about being controlled in every way, from her eating preferences to what she should wear.

She informed that she knew what to do with Rebecca’s character because many of the things in her storyline had happened to the actress herself. "So when it got to those scenes in the gala, when [Rupert] is saying, 'Very brave choice' with the dress, I've had that in the past. And also the bit outside the gala when Ted comes to find her... There's the bit about '[Rupert said], 'Eat this, wear that, and I listened,' that monologue that Jason was tweaking up until the last minute, informed me more than anything else about where I needed to take Rebecca”, she added.

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