Thai BL craze reaches South Korea with Talk Concert of ‘I Told Sunset About You’

Published on Oct 22, 2021 04:39 PM IST  |  166.4K
The actors and director of 'I Told Sunset About You' at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2021
The actors and director of 'I Told Sunset About You' at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 : courtesy of Seoul International Drama Awards 2021(SDA)

A cinematic masterpiece, heartbreaking yet stimulating, ‘I Told Sunset About You’, the story of Teh and Oh-aew, played by Billkin-Putthipong Assaratanaku and PP-Krit Amnuaydechkorn respectively, touched the hearts of millions as it released in October 2020. The fame of the lead actors Billkin and PP, as they are known widely, knew no bounds, transcending oceans.


As their fame reached South Korea, so did the uproar that began for the portrayal and the storyline that astounded even critics. The Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 awarded ‘I Told Sunset About You’ the ‘International Drama of the Year’ title under the International Invitation Category calling on the lead actors as well as supporting actor Khunpol-Pongpol Panyamit who took on the role of Bas for a drama talk. Director Naruebet Kuno joined over a video call as 50 fans from around the world tuned in.


Speaking about some of the most noteworthy scenes as well as anecdotes from the shoot, the director said, “From the time I conceived this drama, my focus was on beautifully expressing the relationship between two boys, and for this, it was necessary to shoot against a beautiful background. I decided to film the drama in Phuket because it is an international touristic spot which can serve as the nostalgic backdrop of a hazy first-love story.”


Billkin added his own bit with, "The scene taken in the water in the drama is the most impressive. It was physically challenging where the shooting lasted from 6 in the morning to late in the afternoon, but I thought it was an important scene that expresses the emotion of the character, so PP and I put our best for that scene”.


PP continued, "The underwater shooting with Billkin had the strongest impression for me as well. I was happy to be cast in the drama with my friend Billkin, and I found it special to shoot with someone I can trust”.


Making his debut with the series Khunpol said, “It is my first drama, and I am happy to receive so much love. I am truly grateful for everyone involved in the SDA 2021 and also for the fans.”


I Told Sunset About You’ was followed by another smashing hit part 2, ‘I Promised You the Moon’ in May 2021.


Seoul International Drama Awards took place on Thursday 21 October 2021.


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