The Golden Spoon Ep 15-16 Review: Sungjae, Jung Chaeyeon, Lee Dong Won’s story ends on a high note

Also starring Yeonwoo as one of the main characters, the complex storyline comes to an end on another twisted, all encompassing note.

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Published on Nov 13, 2022 | 05:22 PM IST | 1.6M
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The Golden Spoon

The Golden Spoon has aired its penultimate and ultimate episodes this week, bringing the story to a circle. The fantasy drama which began 16 episodes ago boasted a strong storyline and a massive ensemble that would go on to carry the weight of never ending twists and surprises, horror and terror.

The lead role was taken up by BTOB member Yook Sungjae who played Lee Seungcheon originally and then as the story developed became Hwang Taeyong. By the end of the show the actor had the opportunity to try out another role which may be one of the reasons to call the end mildly unrealistic. Lee Jong Won grabbed the other end of the ribbon as Hwang Taeyong initially, and then became known under the name of Lee Sungcheon. Jung Chaeyeon was the female lead with affection from both the aforementioned characters, Na Juhee, the daughter of a rich businessman at the start who soon turns poor. Yeonwoo played Oh Yeonjin, the girl who decided to change her own poverty-stricken fate and went after money. Son Woo Hyun and Kim Kang Min who have previously acted opposite each other in BL drama ‘To My Star’ also grabbed crucial supporting roles in The Golden Spoon.


A granny selling golden spoons for as little as 30,000 KRW catches the attention of a poor highschooler named Lee Seungcheon who decides to change his fate by exchanging places with the richest boy in the class Hwang Taeyong. During repeated changes, he faces multiple hurdles in his way to success and soon begins to learn the price of deciding to mess with his life and that of others. Here’s what the last week looked like.

Episode 15 Review
As Hwang Taeyong (Sungjae) figures out the death of his own father Lee Cheol, he runs to find Seo Juntae who is now on the run from the police. Hwang Hyeondo saves his son and lets out a secret that his sister has been keeping from him- she’s actually his mother. On failing to understand why she would lie, Seo Juntae shoots himself with a gun. On the other hand, the whole Lee family blames Hwang Taeyong for Lee Cheol’s death, and he sets out to right the wrongs. He decides to eat with Hwang Hyeondo’s golden spoon to gain his memories, trying to sabotage his father by revealing his suspicious actions to the prosecutors who instead end up arresting Hwang Taeyong by possibly killing President Na.

Episode 16 Review
As the story develops, Hwang Taeyong is desperate to make his father pay for his sins and turns to Seo Young Shin (Seo Yeo Eun) who offers help. After cornering Hwang Hyeondo in the house with the help of Lee Seungcheon who he tries to get killed, Na Juhee heads to meet Oh Yeojin who uses her fame to reveal Hwang Hyeondo’s video while killing. They manage to take down the tycoon who admits to having felt proud about Lee Seungcheon living as Hwang Taeyong, his son. But his minions spread around the house, putting poison in Hwang Hyeono’s juice making everyone think that he’s dead. Hwang Taeyong as Lee Seungcheon becomes a successful webtoon artist with ‘The Golden Spoon’ story. Na In Woo makes a cameo as a man who gives up his spot to the original Lee Seungcheon by using a golden spoon unknowingly. In the end, Lee Seungcheon is alive in the place of a gardener, found only by Na Juhee.

The Golden Spoon became a never ending game of who is the real person and who has been replaced by someone else with the use of their own golden spoons. The disparity between the lives of the rich and the poor was very well displayed in the show and the full circle moment for all the characters was a welcome plot. However, once again it seems as though a K-drama tried to do too much by giving a morally-right ending to all its characters and more punishment to the antagonists. The show would have been better off without the last twist and Na In Woo’s cameo.


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