The Golden Spoon Ep 7-8 Review: Jung Chaeyeon redeems character as Yook Sungjae becomes desperate

Lee Dong Won has just about turned into a disturbed lad after experiencing poverty first-hand.

Published on Oct 18, 2022   |  12:45 PM IST  |  306.9K
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The Golden Spoon

The Golden Spoon is turning into a thrilling experience as the characters attempt to make right of their errs. It stars BTOB member Yook Sungjae in the lead role of Lee Seungcheon, a boy born in poverty as he tries to break out of it, not caring what measures he’d have to take for it. He covets money and is easily swayed by any means to earn more of it. A clever mind on his shoulders, business and in extension finance is right up his alley. On learning about a golden spoon that can immediately turn him into a rich man, as he exchanges places with the son of a conglomerate owner, life becomes all the more challenging for him.

The Golden Spoon effect
As he becomes Hwang Taeyeong, he is unknowingly under the power of his strict father who finds flaws in his every step but also values the reputation of his company and thereby his family. Putting the interests of his business first at all times, Hwang Hyeondo is a terrible father but a fabulous businessman. The original Hwang Taeyong, played by Lee Dong Won, is a sharp-tongued brat with no interest in his family business but a keen eye for figuring out the real from the fake, be it in terms of art or people. However, under his steel exterior, he holds many secrets that may have been fabricated to be of a disadvantage to him. The latest episodes are a clear show of his memories being tampered with. Now, in the body of Lee Seungcheon, he witnesses the shorter hand of being poor and does his best to not let greed get the best of him.

A murder mystery
While it still remains under scrutiny if Hwang Taeyong was involved in any suspicious happenings during his time in the United States, a deeper look was provided into the actions of his uncle, Seo Jun Tae. As a scene pans with a younger Hwang Taeyong hiding because of the atrocities of his uncle, it shows bleeding bodies of children lying around. Meanwhile, a frantic Seo Jun Tae hands his pistol to his nephew, manipulating him into thinking that the murders were done by him.

On the other hand, just as the second shift took place, Hwang Taeyong was too drunk and was the last person President Na met. Or at least that’s what has been captured so far, making him mistake himself as the real killer of his friend’s Dad. Meanwhile, Na Juhee has been manipulated by her own half-brothers into giving up her inheritance after her father’s death as they lose their business and she is brought to the streets with no money for herself. Jung Chaeyeon finally redeems her character with some believable acting and multifold expressions. However, she continues to be a pawn in the game driven by the characters of Oh Yeojin, played by Yeonwoo, who is in fact Nara, another poor girl who has taken over a new body and thus a new identity. Na Juhee is too focused on her dysfunctional family while she gets pushed around and is being pursued by two men.


The time shift
An expected time shift takes charge in the latest episodes. Hwang Taeyong (who is really Lee Seungcheon) is banished to the United States by his father for turning into a successful man, at the cost of erasing traces of him possibly murdering President Na in an intoxicated state. Lee Seungcheon is content with his new family, and has a webtoon artist success plan made for himself. His meeting with various key persons in the business world as well as his hazy memory, are all factors helping him to become a widely powerful man. The mystery of why old school cell phones were used in the show is also cleared up by a 10 years jump in the storyline where Lee Seungcheon is now a dashing man and Hwang Taeyeong is lying by the benches in a questionable state. It may as well be a hoax created to fool the viewers as another twist readies itself, who knows?

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