The KingDom's Hwon accused of working at host bar and ghosting woman after intimacy

The King Dom’s Hwon is facing major allegations as an online poster has come forward to reveal that the artist used to work at a host bar and more.

Updated on Jun 28, 2024  |  08:36 PM IST |  103.3K
Hwon: courtesy of GF Entertainment
Hwon: courtesy of GF Entertainment
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  • The KingDom's Hwon has allegedly worked in a host bar according to online poster
  • GF Entertainment responds to the allegations against Hwon

The KingDom is a South Korean boy band, and its former member, Hwon, is under tremendous scrutiny following online allegations by a user. In an elaborate post, a user claimed that Hwon used to work at a host bar during his promotions as an idol. Moreover, the user also accused the idol of ghosting after they were intimate with each other.

The KingDom's Hwon has allegedly worked in a host bar according to online poster

On June 27, 2024, an online post was circulating that consisted of multiple accusations against Hwon from the K-pop group The KingDom. In the elaborate post, the user revealed that Hwon was allegedly working at a host bar as a part-time job apart from being an idol, which is an overnight drinking room.

The place is known for males offering companionship to women if they are ready to pay for it. The host typically offers drinks, and dances, joins them in karaoke, and engages in conversations. However, sexual services are not condoned or offered. 

Moreover, the poster states that Hwon tricked the user by lying about his profession as a photography student. She also adds that they both had intimate relations with each other and the next day he did the same with another woman. The user has accused him of deceiving her while pretending to be a kind-hearted person. 


The woman expressed her frustration, detailing how Hwon's gaslighting and belittling behavior, as well as his disparaging comments about fans and women, revealed his true nature. She emphasized that if he had apologized, she might have forgiven him, but his consistent mistreatment left her with no choice but to speak out. She hopes her revelation will prevent further victims from experiencing similar deceit.

However, fans have commented on the post demanding she provide proper evidence for the allegations. On the other hand, some fans believe the allegations against the K-pop idol and are surprised at the revelations.

GF Entertainment responds to the allegations against Hwon

Hwon’s agency, GF Entertainment has responded in a statement and denied all allegations against the artist. Moreover, they have also threatened to file a criminal complaint the ones spreading false and defamatory information against the idol.  

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