The Story of Park's Marriage Contract: Lee Se Young is centuries apart from Bae In Hyuk in character posters

Lee Se Young and Bae In Hyuk's time-traveling romance bridges centuries in The Story of Park's Marriage Contract character posters.

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The Story of Park's Marriage Contract (Image Credits- MBC)
The Story of Park's Marriage Contract (Image Credits- MBC)
Key Highlight
  • The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract released character posters
  • Lee Se Young is a woman from Joseon who landed in modern times
  • Bae In Hyuk is a chaebol heir with a cold personality

MBC's new fantasy romance drama, The Story of Park's Marriage Contract, has released colorful and vibrant character posters. Based on a web novel, this drama tells the tale of a time-travel romance involving bachelor Kang Tae Ha played by Bae In Hyuk, and Park Yeon Woo (Lee Se Young), who has journeyed from 19th century Joseon to the present day through contractual marriage.

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Character posters for The Story of Park's Marriage Contract

In the poster of Lee Se Young, Park Yeon Woo adorns a red hanbok (traditional Korean attire) along with a wedding veil, reflecting her beautiful and charming character. Against the backdrop of a soft and inviting pink hue, Park Yeon Woo's presence is and you can glimpse a hint of her modern wedding dress beneath the portion of her shoulder covered by the veil. The accompanying text, " I can do anything for my husband," conveys her unwavering determination to reach her husband.

In another poster, we see Bae In Hyuk’s character Kang Tae Ha, a third-generation chaebol, donning a black tuxedo with a traditional see-through face cover hiding half of his face. A hint of a blue hanbok can be seen behind the face cover, creating a striking contrast with Park Yeon Woo. In contrast to Kang Tae Ha's stoic and unexpressive expressions, the text that reads, "I had a strange vision. It was you from the Joseon Dynasty," which piques curiosity about the narrative behind Kang Tae Ha and Park Yeon Woo's contractual marriage.


More about The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

Actress Lee Se Young, known for her roles in A Korean Odyssey and The Law Cafe, will portray the character of Park Yeon Woo, a woman from the Joseon Dynasty who unexpectedly finds herself in modern-day South Korea in 2023 after being pushed into a well by an unknown person. Here, she encounters Kang Tae Ha, who bears a striking resemblance to her deceased husband from her wedding night during the Joseon period, and they enter into a contractual marriage. Amid her panic-stricken quest to return to Joseon, Park Yeon Woo's emotions take a subtle turn as she begins to develop feelings for Kang Tae Ha.

Actor Bae In Hyuk, known for his roles in My Roommate Is A Gumiho and Cheer Up, will take on the role of Kang Tae Ha, an introverted chaebol heir who has deliberately chosen to avoid romantic relationships. Driven by his childhood trauma and a congenital heart condition, Kang Tae Ha maintains a cold personality and remains cautious around others. However, his life takes an unexpected turn after encountering a mysterious woman who claims to be from the Joseon era.

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is set to premiere on November 24 at 9:50 PM KST, 6:20 PM IST.

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