From their grunge look in Kill This Love to retro glam in Ice Cream; Here’s why we’re obsessed with BLACKPINK

We are looking back at what makes the Korean pop band BLACKPINK’s style great and follow-worthy. Scroll down to see our breakdown of their personal styles.
Here’s why we’re obsessed with BLACKPINK From their grunge look in Kill This Love to retro glam in Ice Cream; Here’s why we’re obsessed with BLACKPINK
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The allure of Korean girl pop group BLACKPINK can be traced back to their musical style — the songs are often a medley of rap, pop, EDM, trap, English, and Korean — diverse backgrounds, seemingly drama-free friendship, and their coveted red carpet-worthy wardrobes. Collectively, Blackpink members Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo portray a youthful, designer-clad, edgy fashion scene — see their Tomb Raider-inspired outfits in "Kill This Love" or their retro '50s looks in "Ice Cream" for reference. 


Upon a closer inspection, you'll notice each artist has a distinctive style when it comes to her individual wardrobe. Jennie gravitates towards oversize, casual pieces for her off days, Lisa loves edgier items mixed with vintage finds from her travels, Rosé likes feminine and preppy separates, while Jisoo, the oldest of the group (she's 26 years old), keeps her outfits prim and proper with the occasional swipe of red-orange lipstick as her finishing touch. Their differing taste in clothes and accessories are further reflected by the various luxury fashion houses they work with which all add an elevated aesthetic to their everyday ensembles. 


However, as different as the members are from one another, since they do come together outside of work, and are close friends, their personal tastes for what's cool can sometimes rub off on one another. Rosé confirmed this tidbit in Blackpink's Netflix documentary Light Up The Sky when she revealed Lisa and her sometimes serendipitously step out in the same outfits. Aside from binging this documentary and the group's popular YouTube series Blackpink Diaries to learn all that you can about their off-duty styles, you can peruse their personal Instagram accounts for more nitty-gritty details. 


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