Things we can learn from Korean celebs on having fun while staying safe, featuring BTS

Have fun and comfort from the safety of your homes BTS style. Read on to find out.
BTS released Dynamite in August BTS released Dynamite in August 2020 (Pic Credit - HYBE)
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The world is grappling with the second wave of the Coronavirus, particularly our country, India. With an almost lockdown and restrictions, most of us are losing our collective morale amidst the COVID 19 surge and finding ourselves holed up in our houses for almost a year now. While the situation is terrifying, ARMYs are seeking comfort in the knowledge that there are seven men in Seoul who love and cherish us immensely. Here are some fun tips to beat the pandemic blues from the safety of our homes, BTS style!

1. Dyanna na na na light it up like Dynamite

While the world was raving about Suga's solo album D-2 and Daechwita, Suga, Jimin and Jin were dancing to Camilla Cabello's Havana, Daddy Yankee & Snow's Con Calma, Happy and Rasputin! So put on your dancing socks and Dynamite it out in your room!

2. Painting

Remember RM and Jungkook painting some scenic masterpieces in In The Soop? While we don't have the luxury of painting on a canvas by a riverside, we can find the most comfortable spot in our homes and paint our hearts out. We cannot match Jungkook's artistic talent, but we can at least try!

3. Compose your own song

Do you know BTS members created In The Soop by just messing around with each other? Yes, that's right. Taehyung pitched in first and other members followed suit. In the end, Suga pieced their vocals together to give us the theme song for In The Soop! You can try that too, write a song and record it on your phone and play it for your friends and family, we are sure they will love it!

4. Paint your ARMY Bomb

Remember how RM and J-Hope painted their ARMY bombs on V-live? Yes, you can do that too. This is your time to make a stunning version of an ARMY bomb and paint it like a dream. For those who don't have an ARMY bomb like most of us, this is time to show your creativity. Collect scraps from your in-house junkyard like old bottles, cardboard and newspapers would do and carve out an ARMY bomb before the next online BTS concert.

5. Baby Baby Caramel Macchiato

Jin and Suga often find peace of mind when they cook for other members, ARMY it is time to don the chef's hat and whip up a delicious meal for your family or yourself. You can try out BTS' recipes like Yoongi's Garlic Pasta or MiniMoni's Dalgona Coffee!

6. Plant your own Bonsai

RM loves his plants and well, at least this planet has Namjoon! ARMY this is the time to create your own mini garden in your house. Grow and nourish some low maintenance plants like Aloe Vera and Basil in your home. Plants make your home a cooler and happier space to live in.

7. Your own Bang Bang Con

You don't need BTS to organise a Bang Bang Con to enjoy BTS concerts, you can do that all by yourself. You can get on a video chat with your fellow ARMY friends, keep your snacks ready and binge-watch your favourite BTS performances. Trust me, it acts as a much-needed serotonin boost!

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So, which of the tips are you going to follow next? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments below.

Credits :HYBE

Anonymous 1 week ago

Thank you for your information. I will try my best to do this things ☺️❤️