Through The Darkness Ep 1 & 2 Review: 6 killing moments of Kim Nam Gil, Jin Sun Kyu that will keep you gripped

A plunge into the various aspects of the first two episodes featuring Kim Nam Gil, Jin Sun Kyu, Kim Won Hae and more.

Published on Jan 18, 2022 02:42 PM IST  |  1.2M
Through The Darkness Poster
Through the Darkness Poster; Picture Courtesy: SBS
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Adapted from the 2018 non-fiction book of the same title co-written by Korea's first criminal profiler Kwon Il Yong and journalist-turned-author Ko Na Mu, which tells the story of Kwon Il Yong's field experiences, ‘Through The Darkness’ is set in the 1990s, a time where random killings became extremely prominent and the police were not equipped to find the serial killer dubbed ‘Red Cap’, which is when Song Ha Young, a quiet, calculative and reserved detective uses different methods to solve the crime, making him one of the first profilers in South Korea. 

Warning: The upcoming spoiler review contains mentions of death and sexual assault. Reader discretion is advised. 

1. Song Ha Young’s backstory 

The series began with the backstory of Song Ha Young and how, at a young age of 9, he understood that he is different and feels differently from others. A harrowing scene involving him coming across a dead body floating in the lake that he fell into, showed how many emotions and feelings he could process at such a young age. Even in the epilogue of episode 1, the psychiatrist reassures his mother that while Song Ha Young has a different process to understand emotions, it doesn’t mean he lacks, rather he gets overwhelmed by other people’s feelings and trauma. This backstory perfectly displays the reason for Song Ha Young’s empathy and calculative  personality. 

2. Gook Young Soo

Having heard about the way that the American FBI is using criminal profilers to build ‘profiles’ of killers in such cases, Forensics Chief Gook Young Soo (Jin Sun Kyu) wanted a Behavior Analysis team in order to catch such serial killers like ‘Red Cap’ and to curb further crimes such as these through radical thinking and cognitive processes but the chief of the special crime squad, Heo Gil Pyo (Kim Won Hae) won’t hear a word of it, since the higher-ups are sure to reject the proposal anyway. Undeterred, Young Soo keeps trying to convince him and others with actual facts and numbers. 

3. Red Cap’s 13th victim 

In May of 1998, a young expecting mother, Choi Hwa Yeon had a tussle with her boyfriend over silly matters and the next day, wound up strangled to death and naked. The police officers were stunned as the MO (Modus Operandi) of the Red Cap had changed but they did not dismiss the theory as a whole, while Song Ha Young went on to conduct investigations of his own and finds out his highschool batchmate, Bang Ki Hoon (Oh Kyung Joo) is the boyfriend and the rest of the officers, including the Senior Inspector Park Dae Woong (Jung Man Sik), believed that he is the culprit. Park Dae Woong uses his fist to get the confession out of him as Bang Ki Hoon constantly denies his involvement in the murder. While Song Ha Young vehemently disagrees with his boss’ method but he is unable to do anything other than find a way to prove his innocence. Park Dae Woong got Bang Ki Hoon to confess but the latter continued to state that he has not done anything to his girlfriend. 

4. Song Ha Young begins investigating 

Despite the displeasure of his boss, Song Ha Young continued to investigate the case until he found a set of numbers like ‘2,’ ‘223’, ‘123’ in front of the doors of many homes. He had also found a fingerprint but since it was not registered, the identity remained hidden. Fast forward, its 1999 and another murder has taken place and the MO was the same as Choi Hwa Yeon. The station was left flabbergasted at the scene and Park Dae Woong refused to believe that he made a mistake. With the help of his friend, Gook Young Soo, he continued to investigate and thats when the real Red Cap killer was found and his name was Yang Young Chul (Go Geon Han). With the help of Yang Young Chul, Song Ha Young was able to identify the pattern of the killer. 

5. The Red Cap Imitator, Kang Moo

August, 1999. A young delivery man named Kang Moo gets off work in good spirits, amidst praise from his boss for being a filial grandson. However, as he walks out, the smile on his face drops to a snarl and he goes on his way to find his new victim. He was 17 years old and lived pompously because he believed he could fool everyone but one person was hot on his trails, Song Ha Young, who could identify his moves and process with Yang Young Chul’s help and found him right in his station, after being caught by his latest victim’s boyfriend. While Kang Moo was sure that his facade of innocence could keep him scot free but it soon cracks when Song Ha Young breaks apart his ‘innocent break in’ story line by line until he got him to break and confess the two murders he conducted and the reason behind it- his drunken father and helpless mother. While his friend, Bang Ki Hoon, was finally exonerated of all charges a year later, the police were at the receiving end of the people’s wrath and to cover the trails, Park Dae Woong twisted Song Ha Young’s story to make it seem like Yang Young Chul did all the work. 

6. The start of Song Ha Young and Gook Young Soo’s journey 

Gook Young Soo convinced his seniors to sign off on the Behavioural Analysis Team and the only person missing was Song Ha Young, who was hard to convince but after making him understand that the methods he used to exonerate his friend, was one of the ways the team would use to study the behaviour of other criminals. With that, he was on board and now started the brand new journey of the first profilers in the country. 

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