THROWBACK: TXT’s Soobin recalled being ‘young & inexperienced’; Said fans turned his complexes into positives

We are looking back at the time when South Korean boy band TXT reflected on their growth since their debut, their personal journeys and much more in a chat with Vogue Korea. Scroll down to see what they said.
THROWBACK: TXT’s Soobin recalled being ‘young & inexperienced’ THROWBACK: TXT’s Soobin recalled being ‘young & inexperienced’; Said fans turned his complexes into positives
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We are looking back at March 2021, when TXT opened up about their growth in the music industry, how things have changed since their debut and much more. In an interview with Vogue Korea, the group members were asked about what “one dream” refers to, and Taehyun quickly answered, “I think the greatest dream is healthily promoting music so that at least one more person can relate to our songs and feel comforted. We’re close to the start right now. I want to leave more potential. If that dream is 100, I think we’re at about a 3. I think it’s better that we have 97 percent of potential.”


Taehyun also spoke about the group’s second debut anniversary, which is coming up on March 4. He commented, “Everyone wants to succeed faster and be in a better position but I don’t want to rush. I think that if my members feel pressured while promoting, they won’t be happy and that’ll be a problem. I think we’ve gotten here at a pace where the members can feel happy.”


When asked about the pros and cons of work Soobin answered: “This is a concern that I confessed to Yeonjun. I really thought that I didn’t have any charms so I questioned, ‘Is there something about me that other people would like? Who would like me? Can I debut like this?’ However, after my debut, many people liked me. After debuting, my self-esteem went up a lot.”


Laughing, he continued, “I didn’t want to talk about anything related to my physical appearance. I guess you could say my nose looks a bit hazy. But my fans even liked this nose of mine. I was thankful that they were changing my complexes into positives. Also, this is a bit embarrassing to say myself, but I used to think of myself as someone who was mature with a tough mentality. However, after debuting, I realized I was young and inexperienced.”


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