THROWBACK VIDEO: When SHINee's Taemin gave Start Up star Kim Seon Ho a dance lesson on Move on 2 Days 1 Night

During an episode of 2 Days 1 Night, SHINee member Taemin had taught Start-Up star Kim Seon-ho and the other 2 Days 1 Night members the chorus choreography of his hit track Move. Watch the hilarious videos below.
THROWBACK VIDEO: When SHINee's Taemin gave Start Up star Kim Seon Ho a dance lesson on Move on 2 Days 1 Night
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Kim Seon-ho of Start-Up fame has revealed on several occasions that one of his nicknames is Paper Doll because of his dancing skills. Along with his 2 Days 1 Night mates DinDin, Ravi, Yeon Jung-hoon, Moon Se-yoon and Kim Jong-min, Seon-ho's dancing moves was put to the test in a September 2D1N episode which saw SHINee's Taemin as a special guest.

The hilarious fivesome visited SM Entertainment's office as Taemin welcomed them. Ravi, who is a member VIXX revealed that he's pretty close to the 27-year-old singer as they're a part of the same friends' group Friendship Parkas which also includes BTS' Jimin, EXO's Kai, HOTSHOT's Timoteo and Ha Sung-woon. Moreover, the 2D1N members had to show off their dancing skills with Seon-ho and DinDin's epic dance battle leaving everyone in splits. About Seon-ho's dancing, Taemin shared, "Seon-ho is... Well... He started with something like this (imitates Seon-ho's dance move). I get he's very eager. If he's eager, he'll learn fast," which had Seon-ho and everyone else laughing out loud.

Taemin then proceeded to give the members a private dance lesson and taught them his impressive dance moves from his hit track Move. While Se-yoon's dance cover of Move surprised Taemin, Seon-ho was too cute to handle with his moves as Se-yoon quipped that the 34-year-old actor seemed like he was dancing to Sul Woon-do's iconic track Love Twist. Eventually, when it came to choosing the center, Ravi and Se-Yoon were whom Taemin chose. Joining the 2D1N team, we then see the six of them showing us how it's done with their impromptu idol group by dancing to Move. As a gift to Taemin for teaching them, the 2D1N cast hilariously gifted the Idea singer hotteok disguised in a Gucci shopping bag.

Watch the hilarious dance encounter between Taemin and 2 Day 1 Night's cast below:

We absolutely adore the Paper Doll's moves! Add Taemin to that and we have a winner!

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