THROWBACK: When author Paulo Coelho sent virtual love and purple hearts to BTS when they were trolled

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THROWBACK: When author Paulo Coelho sent virtual love and purple hearts to BTS when they were trolled

Brazillian author Paulo Coelho has made it no secret that he loves the Korean entertainment industry, the author has been vocal about his interest in hallyu in several interviews. Back in March 2020, when BTS was being bombarded with hate from social media, Coelho stepped in and sent love to the Bangtan Boys! 


The Alchemist writer Paulo Coelho shared the wise words on Twitter, "Haters are confused admirers who want to be like you," followed with numerous purple hearts, which ARMY knows symbolises the septet. When CNN anchor Christopher C. Cuomo responded to Paulo's tweet with, "First time I have disagreed with this great writer and thinker," the Brazillian author explained how his tweet was specifically for BTS. 


Coelho tweeted, "Thank you by being so direct. But I was referring to a Korean group - @BTS_twt, that are constantly under attack by detractors, only because they are the most successful band on this planet. That’s why I posted their symbol, a pink heart as part of the thread." To this, Chris responded back, "Anyone who hates this artist, hates truth, love and deeper understanding of the questions that matter most."


Back in January 2020, RM also acknowledged trolls in a rare exchange. During an interaction with Entertainment Tonight, when they were asked to respond to trolls, who hate on BTS, leader RM aka Kim Namjoon gave a very classy and equally sassy answer. "Even now somebody's... my ears are really itching because somebody's hating, right now... on Twitter or anywhere. We have our fans and they purple us and with that, we can get over anything," RM stated to ET.

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Anonymous : Why did they get trolled back then? Any specific reason?
REPLY 2 5 months ago
Anonymous : There's never real reasons
REPLY 2 5 months ago
Anonymous : roses are red Violets are blue i have a five figers middle one is for bts haters
REPLY 6 5 months ago
Anonymous : BTS members are all amazing and outstanding so there many people fell jealous and hated but I am always good friend for BTS.
REPLY 20 5 months ago
Anonymous : That's great job. RM i am great fan of BTS
REPLY 18 5 months ago
Anonymous : That is soooo true.. haters of BTS are confused admirer. Coz if u ask them why they dislike BTS they can never give a logical answer which is makes any sense.. so basically in love some are in love hate relationship right like u can't bear as to how much to love a person n being confused u hate them for making them, coz of the love theh make u feel.. it's same with people who dislike BTS... N I m very sure every person who dislikes BTS is actually falling deep for them in the process... BTS is all about u.. there is absolutely not even a millimetre space for hate.
REPLY 12 5 months ago
Anonymous : To all people who hate bangtan...let me tell you Bangtan backwards is-natgnab,which means nothing.....JUST LIKE YOU OPINION
REPLY 12 5 months ago
Anonymous : The only thing I would say is that BTS=PERFECT and the people who hate them have no eyes, no brain and no heart.
REPLY 23 5 months ago
Anonymous : Yaa correct
REPLY 7 5 months ago
Anonymous : PERIOD!
REPLY 5 5 months ago