Throwback to when BamBam was nervous to present his unending collection of items in the biggest bag ever

Published on Sep 21, 2021 05:18 PM IST  |  73.8K
Concept photo - riBBon: Courtesy of ABYSS Company
Concept photo - riBBon: Courtesy of ABYSS Company

Five months ago GOT7’s BamBam made his first appearance in ‘My Vogue’ and of course it had to be unique! The artist broke Vogue’s record by bringing the biggest bag ever. As BamBam revealed the things he carried with himself to the set, fans rolled on the floor laughing at the rapper’s unique luggage. Well, it looks like BamBam just broke all mothers’ records for carrying literally everything in their bags. 

Starting with an important item one must never forget. You guessed it right, incense sticks. Well, BamBam had a good reason to carry them, that is feeling homesick on tours, followed by a full detailed description of the product. If BamBam was to be a salesman, we are sure he would have nailed it.

Hold on, did anyone mention a party? Because BamBam carries the party with him everywhere he goes. With his huge speaker, he can literally shake the entire town. 

What else do you think he would have carried for his single person party?  Snacks? Drinks? An entire box of accessories isn’t the one on our list but it certainly was on his!

The next item certainly was the star of the show as a ‘blanket’ which he carries with him everywhere was revealed. Bambam shared that he had bought it when he was a trainee and even today, he couldn’t find a replacement. 

Here’s BamBam with his show stopper appearance and all the funny anecdotes known to him.

It certainly looked like BamBam is either moving out or joining the team for the next season of Money Heist as the staff and the man himself giggled occasionally throughout the video.

BamBam can make fans laugh in one moment and cry in another. While the rapper made fans sad with his lucky charm story, everything in his bag made them laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

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