THROWBACK: When BLACKPINK’s Rosé OPENED UP about her surreal Coachella experience

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THROWBACK: When BLACKPINK’s Rosé OPENED UP about her surreal Coachella experience

Back in September 2020, BLACKPINK (Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie) was working hard on the last step of their 3 part comeback which was highly anticipated at the time. Which is their first official studio album release with BLACKPINK-The Album. Prior to this, for the second step fans aka BLINKS were blessed with the band’s How Your Like That and Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) avatars which were widely-appreciated. 


During the time, Rosé opened up on the coming moves of the band and spoke to W Korea, while talking to the magazine, Rosé expressed her excitement for their upcoming album release. The 23-year-old singer who is also a style star on the rise revealed that the four band members have worked hard on the album for a long time and are ready to give a worthwhile comeback to their BLINKS. While talking about the group’s widespread popularity, Rosé told the magazine in September that it may be a result of the modern generation being so accepting of new and unconventional music, she also thanked fans for appreciating all their songs. 


Rosé also confessed to the magazine that BLACKPINK's pathbreaking Coachella 2019 performance was the monumental performance for the idol, which made her feel that she is growing in her career. She revealed that performing at Coachella music festival had been a dream of hers for the longest time, and watching it come true was surreal, especially seeing how the fans turned up to see the band. 


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