Throwback: When BTS birthday boy Jin wrote a sweet letter to Suga on their 1st Japan tour: You’re our pride

Happy birthday Jin: In today's edition of the throwback, we travel back into time and revisit the time when BTS birthday boy SeokJin penned a heartwarming letter to Suga.
Throwback: When BTS birthday boy Jin wrote a sweet letter to Suga on their 1st Japan tour: You’re our pride
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The balloons and cakes are out while social media is painted purple as the BTS fandom ARMY celebrates singer Jin's birthday. The oldest member of the group has been showered with love and wishes since the clock struck 12 am in South Korea. As fans dig into the BTS archives and share heartwarming photos and videos, we decided to take out a letter penned by Seokjin to Suga from the memory box on the occasion. The letter dates back to 2014 when the septet stepped out of Korea for their first Japan tour. 

Koreaboo notes that at the time, the members were asked to write letters addressing their fans. However, the World Wide Handsome singer surprised Yoongi with a letter instead. The Moon singer confessed that he was in awe of the rapper and added that he was the group's pride. Jin assured the rapper that it is okay to feel weak and express it. The member will take care of him. 

He concluded his letter by asking him to treat him well from now on. 

Read Jin's letter to Suga below: 

To Suga, who’s always cool and strong,

I really admire you.

This showcase, even with your condition, you didn’t let fans see your weakened state and performed well.

I think that’s really cool. If I was in your condition, I don’t know if I could stand on stage.

That’s why you’re our pride. Suga, it’s okay for you to say you feel weak. The members will take care of you.

From now on, let’s do our best for those who are supporting us. Then together with the members and the fans, let’s make legends.

If it’s us, I believe we can do it.

Please treat me well from now on.

From, Jin

After the letter was read, Suga screamed with emotions and couldn't take his sweet smile off his face. The group immediately surrounded the duo and hugged it out. 

Jin sure does know how to say the right thing at the right time! Thank you, Hyung! 

Pinkvilla wishes Kim Seok Jin a wonderful birthday! 

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Jin oppa is always so sweet and encouraging to the members.

Anonymous 3 months ago

That was so beautiful BTS y'all keep loving and supporting each other and hopefully one day I'll get to see you all perform Nadean