THROWBACK: When BTS' Jin confessed he has no friends, leaving the members shocked at his statement

We are looking back at October 2018 when Jin made a shocking revelation about having no friends and how the rest of the members reacted to his statement. Read on to find out.
THROWBACK: When BTS' Jin confessed he has no friends, leaving his members shocked
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Besides their incredible music, breathtaking dance performances and moving lyrics, BTS members are also known for their rock-solid friendship and brotherhood with one another. Having started their careers together, debuting with a small agency then and having to face numerous obstacles and hurdles; BTS certainly went from being nobodies to legends. What warms ARMY hearts' is that despite everything, they share a very genuine camaraderie with each other and that has only strengthened with time, but did you know there was a time when Jin confessed that he has no friends? Shocking, right?

In an interview with Noisey, BTS members were asked to pick their preferred personal choices in a fun pop-culture quiz. At a certain interval, BTS members were asked to choose amongst the following categories, 'No phone for a day, No friends for a day or No food for a day.' RM and Jimin replied that they would rather do away with their phone for a day. At this moment Jin confessed, 'Go without your friends for a day because I don't have friends'. The statement invited the members' wrath, who were left fuming in anger with Jin's statement. Jin tried to diffuse the situation by saying that he loves BTS & they are a family to him. The rest of the BTS members weren't pacified with his explanation and continued giving him an earful for the time being. Of course, this was in jest and fun. 

Since then, BTS has toured the UK a couple of times more, each time a bigger concert than before. They became the first South Korean artists to headline London's iconic Wembley Stadium in a 2-day sold-out concert on June 1 and 2, 2019.

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