THROWBACK: When EXO alum Baekhyun REVEALED his biggest weakness

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THROWBACK: When EXO alum Baekhyun REVEALED his biggest weakness

We are looking back at February 2021 when EXO alum Baekhyun spoke to W Korea and opened up about his future in music, turning 30, and his most recent musings. Baekhyun reflected on the last year and spoke about making less music and comparatively doing more dramas, he said: “The reason why I sang four drama OSTs was because I thought that was a way of letting people hear my voice. So you could feel like I’m there with you when you watch dramas and Netflix.”


Reflecting on new music and keeping things fresh in EXO, the alum said, “Now that it has been 10 years since EXO debuted, we often discuss which direction we should take in the music we do. Naturally, the members that have an interest in writing music and listen to a variety of genres like Chanyeol and D.O. share a lot. One thing that I like when thinking about Kai and Sehun, especially Sehun, is that they didn’t share a lot of opinions on music in the beginning. But from a certain point onwards, they gave their ideas, played their music, and gained an opinion. When I see that, I definitely feel like time has passed and the members have more affection towards their jobs as singers. Even if time passes, I think the members will be nice and gentle.”


On the personal front, the idol was quizzed about his strengths and weaknesses. He said, “My weakness? My laziness! The funny thing is, if I don’t do something because I’m feeling lazy, that comfort lasts just three minutes. After that, I keep thinking about it. So I end up having to do it. When it’s cold out, there are times I feel lazy to go back and forth from the practice room. But I just go out. Then on my way home from practice, I feel good because I think, ‘I still lived a productive day.’ But if there’s a need for me to leave the house, I make sure I schedule everything so that I can take care of all of it in one go. It’s unacceptable to have to come back home and leave again.”


While he’s a pop star and successful actor, the idol does have something on his bucket list, to compete in an amateur eSports competition! He explained, “You see on the internet, ‘Don’t date a guy that likes League of Legends.’ But, isn’t it much more wholesome to play games indoors than to go out and drink with friends? Gaming is fun in itself, and it also builds camaraderie among your friends. People with the same goal build their teamwork together, and it’s a simple task with no risk. It’s not like you’re trying to open a business with your friends, either.”


Concluding the chat, Baekhyun also shared, “I hope I try new things in my thirties. When you reach your thirties, some people say, ‘Wow, already?’ while others say, ‘There’s still a long way to go.’ For me, I feel like it’s just the beginning. I’m going to stay as a person that can sing for a long, long time by honing my skills and taking care of my health. Please look forward to me, Baekhyun, in my thirties.”


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