THROWBACK: When Jimin and V couldn’t stop giggling on their way to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

We are looking back at the time when BTS’ Jimin and V were on their way to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and couldn’t help their shenanigans! Watch the video of their mischief below.
THROWBACK: When Jimin and V couldn’t stop giggling on their way to the Jimmy Fallon show in New York
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Jimin and V from BTS share a friendship unlike any other, while they are close to other members of the group, the duo has been together since their school days which naturally justifies why the two are as close as they are. The duo never shies away from praising each other as well as keeping each other grounded. We are looking back at the time when the two Bangtan Boys gave a glimpse to us of how close their bond is. 


Back in April, during Bangtan Bomb, the BTS duo was seen in a subway interview with Jimmy Fallon in New York for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the behind-the-scenes video, the duo can’t seem to stop giggling! And ARMY sees Jimin and V inside the subway, pretending they are in South Korea and heading to the Seoul National University station. The duo seems to be acting a K-drama sequence in the subway, we see ChimChim and TaeTae dramatically exiting from the subway before breaking out in laughter. Then the clip turns to them being back on the train, where the rest or the Bangtan Boys are getting their hair and makeup done. V then goes to Jungkook who also accompanies the duo in their shenanigans.


Watch the full clip here:


If you missed it, in the Jimmy Fallon appearance that was shot later that day, the Korean band not only rode the subway but also the old school Jewish deli and more. The highlight of the show, however, remained the band's performance of their title track from Map Of The Soul: 7. Their performance was so legendary that their team managed to close down the Grand Central subway for their performance. 


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