THROWBACK: When MONSTA X’s Shownu shared hopes to be like Usher in future

We are looking back at the time when MONSTA X member Shownu opened up about his future with the band and separately plus things from the past that he regrets.
THROWBACK: When MONSTA X’s Shownu shared hopes to be like Usher THROWBACK: When MONSTA X’s Shownu shared hopes to be like Usher in future
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We are looking back at August 2020 when MONSTA X’s Shownu spoke to Cosmopolitan Korea and opened up about the band’s future, his likes and disliked plus more. Speaking about the band’s anniversary at the time, “I don’t feel like we’ve been active for that long. I can’t say that I feel the same way I did when I was a rookie, but I’m currently just working in a way that’s not very different from back then.”


Talking about the future, Shownu told the magazine: “All our members have passion. We believe that we can become better. Even when we practice, we work really hard. When we were promoting in the United States and reached No. 5 on the Billboard charts, we asked ourselves, ‘Aren’t we going to end up living in the United States at this rate?'” He added, “Even if one could say that we did work hard, I think it’s really incredible that we’ve achieved that much.”


Shownu then mentioned that MONSTA X doesn’t think about their future too much with a specific goal in mind. “In difficult times like these due to COVID-19, we’re happy enough just by preparing for concerts and showing ourselves to our fans,” he said.


When asked about his past and if there is something he regrets, Shownu answered, “Things that I can’t do now would not have been okay for me to do back then as well.” He then added with a laugh, “If I had to choose something, maybe it’d be acting cute.” Talking about personal goals, the idol said: “Including me, I hope all of MONSTA X will age well, and even 20 years later, I want to still be trendy and active in the industry like [JYP Entertainment founder] Park Jin Young or Usher.”


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Anonymous 1 week ago

Every new song, every new stage, every new comeback - I have the feeling you are surpassing yourself.

Anonymous 1 week ago

Amazing leader!!

Anonymous 1 week ago

Yes, Shownu! Move to the US!