THROWBACK: When TWICE’s Nayeon revealed the member she is closest to & her responsibilities as the oldest

Let’s take a look at when Nayeon opened up about the various aspects of being a TWICE member.

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We go back to March 2020 when TWICE’s Nayeon did a photoshoot and interview for Cosmopolitan Korea and spilled on various details of her life. First, Nayeon goes on about the memorable year of 2019 and how much she enjoyed the world tour that took place then. It was a way for her to see how much influence they have had all over the world. At one point, Nayeon exclaimed that the cheers were so loud during the concert that she couldn’t hear her own voice through the in-ear. 

Being the oldest member of a group, the individual usually carries a lot of power and responsibilities but many idols do not use that power and rather be the pillar for the group. Nayeon is the oldest in TWICE and she talks about being more easy going than a person with such power and responsibilities and she said that it's because she has a more positive personality and she prefers to be friends with her members than being an ‘unnie’ (older sister) which also helps the members to be relaxed around her. 

She goes on to talk about the member she is closest to and she revealed that all the members are her soulmates because she shares a different relationship with all of them but she is closest to Momo, Chaeyoung, Jeongyeon and Jihyo. Momo is the person she spends most of her time with while Chaeyoung is someone she leans on when she goes through a hard time, Jeongyeon and her share contrasting personalities and have had arguments because of it but are grateful for it. 


Jihyo, being the leader, leans on her and they understand each other very well, now that they have shared so many experiences together. 

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