THROWBACK: When TXT gave BTS the surprise of a lifetime and confessed their love with a poem and a dance

We are looking back at the time when the TXT boys were filled with nervousness as they waited for BTS in their ONE DREAM TXT reality show in 2019!
KPop group TXT members clicking a selfie THROWBACK: When TXT gave BTS the surprise of a lifetime and confessed their love with a poem and a dance
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Remember the boys’ nervousness when it was time to meet BTS in their dressing room? We do too! On July 18, 2019, ARMYs and MOAs were finally blessed with the first interaction between BTS and their dongsaeng, TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER). Being the first group under Big Hit after years, they were instantly loved by everyone - ARMYs, new fans, and of course, by BTS themselves. 


The episode started with them watching BTS’ magnificent performances in their ‘Love yourself, Speak Yourself’ concert in Chicago. After the awe-inspiring concert, we see giddy TXT members waiting in the room for BTS to arrive. While the others try to act cool, as soon as there was sudden thud, everyone dropped their things and stood in attention! To calm himself, Beomgyu even tried to take in some mist! 


After a loud introduction from BTS, both the group talked a little and Jungkook and Jin even behaved like actual big brothers, taunting them whenever they got a chance! For example when Taehyun said, “Jungkook sunbaenim was flying” and he replied with, “I almost froze to death!” And Jin taunted them about how they stayed all cozy in their section whereas BTS were out in the cold! TXT members then revealed their surprise - a big scrapbook - on which they wrote a nice handwritten letter to BTS. Beomgyu stood in the corner playing a song and swaying to its music, and it was all well till they said - Saranghae in the most creative way that led all BTS members lose their minds! Jungkook turned around and started banging on the table, Yoongi tried to close his eyes, Jin was shouting at the top of his lungs - it was a great moment for both the groups, as well as for ARMYs! 


Reminisce those old memories by watching the video again here: 


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How much do you miss TXT and BTS interactions? Let us know in the comments below!

Anonymous 1 month ago

I love both Bts and txt

Anonymous 1 month ago

You are the best l love you Bts and txt

Anonymous 1 month ago

Sarangeo bts and txt

Anonymous 1 month ago

I miss their interactions so much. BTS & TXT forever