Thursday Theories: Lucifer Season 5: Is Trixie going to find out Lucifer is the devil and will Dan shoot him?

Ahead of Lucifer 5's release, fans speculate what will Trixie's reaction be when she finds out that he's a real-life devil? and will Dan kill him after knowing his truth?

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Thursday Theories: Lucifer Season 5: Is Trixie going to find out Lucifer is the devil and will Dan shoot him?
Thursday Theories: Lucifer Season 5: Is Trixie going to find out Lucifer is the devil and will Dan shoot him?

Lucifer became one of the most trending shows on Netflix as soon as it released. The first four seasons were an instant hit and now fans are early waiting for Lucifer's fifth season. The fantasy television series first released on Netflix on January 25, 2016 and became a rage in no time. Topping the trending list, the show's demand touched the sky followed by season 2, 3, and 4. Fox had initially cancelled the show after the third season but Netflix picked it up and decided to go ahead with season 4. Lucifer's fourth season released on May 8, 2019, and received critical acclaim from all corners.

It's been over a year and there has been no announcement about the show's fifth season. Fans have eagerly been waiting to binge-watch Lucifer 5 but the release date and other details are yet to be announced. As the fans are eagerly waiting, they're rewatching old episodes and coming up with different theories and possibilities that could happen in the fifth season. Work on the highly anticipated fifth season of Lucifer has been stalled by the coronavirus lockdown and fans are predicting their favourite characters' fate in the next season. One of the theories talks about Trixie finding out about Lucifer being a devil. Only a handful of mortals know Lucifer's true identity up till now, but a major hint reveals that Trixie Estevez might have known the truth about him this whole time.

The 'Lucifans’ are still mentally recovering from the exhausting final battle between Lucifer Morningstar played by Tom Ellis, and his demonic rival Dromos played by Graham McTavish. As seen in the fourth season, Dromos and his evil forces possessed the body of Father Kinley, who had earlier predicted Lucifer’s downfall with a sinister prophecy and managed to get the devilish LA playboy back to his Hellish dominion. Throughout the first four seasons, Lucifer has been open about his identity, though most of his new friends on the Earth refuse to believe him. Forensic specialist Ella Lopez believed that Lucifer was a method actor while Chloe’s ex-husband Dan Espinoza thinks he has an obnoxious personality.

Meanwhile, some viewers are predicting that Chloe and Dan’s young daughter, Trixie played by Scarlett Estevez will find out about Lucifer's truth and they're wondering how would the little child react if she sees Lucifer’s Devil Face. Despite his aversion with children, Lucifer and Trixie have grown fond of each other over the years, but fans are worried their relationship could fall apart when Trixie finds out the truth. As the audience is diving deep into the story, they're wondering how would Lucifer break the truth to his most innocent friend. "Will she react the same as she did to Maze when she saw her real face? At that point it was Halloween, so she may think it's a costume," a fan expressed concern while many others think that the little girl has been aware of the truth all this while and as they have grown close, Trixie shows no signs of fear for Lucifer.


In episode 18 of season two, Chloe’s fridge is decorated by a childlike drawing of the devil with horns and a pointy tail, that seems to have been drawn by Trixie. This season two easter egg may have revealed the truth to her and it's quite possible that she's comfortable with Lucifer even after knowing that he's a literal devil. While another theory says that Dan is going to kill Lucifer. As seen in the previous seasons, Dan and Chloe are not aware of the fact that Lucifer is the devil. Chloe tests Lucifer’s claim of being the real devil in the first season by shooting him in the leg. However, the couple is still alien to the truth. 

"I think it would be cool if Dan finds out Lucifer is the devil from thugs. And the thugs tell him that Lucifer is the actual devil and of course Dan doesn’t believe them. However whilst on a chase or something with Lucifer without Chloe, he accidentally shoots Lucifer and is shocked when nothing happens," a fan interprets. Back in episode four of the first season when Chloe shot Lucifer, Manly Whatnots, dampers his powers and he bleeds for the very first time. However, this time things might be different and Lucifer might have to expose his true identity if he stays unharmed by the bullet.


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