Tom Hiddleston ANSWERS which Loki is the 'clearly superior' variant from the MCU show

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Tom Hiddleston agrees Alligator Loki to be the superior variant

Tom Hiddleston's Marvel show Loki officially ended its first season on Wednesday. After churning out six exciting episodes, Hiddleston will return as the God of Mischief for another season as confirmed by Marvel during the end credits of the finale. While fans are still very much in awe of the show that managed to end with a bang as it opened up Marvel's multiverse dreams, Hiddleston decided to increase the excitement by answering some fun fan questions.

Hiddleston participated in a Q&A session on Tumblr with fans after the Loki finale and finally answered one important question related to his Loki variants. Fans of the show have already shown their love for the different Loki variants on the show including Richard E. Grant's Classic Loki, Kid Loki and also Alligator Loki.

When Hiddleston was quizzed about which Loki he thought is the superior variant of them all, the actor gave a rather amazing answer. The actor echoing emotions of several fans said, "OK, well, you know, what can I say? I’ve been toiling away at this character going on for 11 years. And I have given everything I can only to be upstaged, perhaps inevitably, by the one true Loki, the superior Loki, which is Alligator Loki."

"You know I sort of knew it was coming. I felt I was going to be substituted at some point. And I’m glad it’s finally happened. Alligator Loki has arrived. And, yeah, thrown his hat down. And the rest of us simply have to get out of the way at this point", he added.

Ever since Alligator Loki made an appearance in the fifth episode of the series, it has managed to gain a massive fan base. It became the show stealer of episode 5 and fans have since been hopeful to get another glimpse of it again in the MCU universe. It seems Hiddleston too has agreed that there's no better Loki than the Alligator. 

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