TOMORROW X TOGETHER LIVE [ACT:BOY] : Enthralling and heartfelt with a promise to return

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Poster for 'TOMORROW X TOGETHER LIVE ' : courtesy of BIGHT MUSIC

We had the exciting opportunity to attend TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s first solo concert ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER LIVE <ACT:BOY>’ on October 3 at 5 PM KST (1:30 PM IST) via the fan community platform Weverse. Streamed globally with a multiview, fans could choose from 6 available options. 


Beginning with an exquisite chase theme in the background, Soobin Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai started singing ‘CROWN’ and they had taken us right back to March 2019 when the boys debuted. It was all the same and yet somehow more dashing and confident.


The stronger notes of ‘Blue Orangeade’ added a fancy charm to the already upbeat song as the members catch a breath to follow with greetings. The group’s 1st solo concert saw the MOA bong (fan lightstick) in place of the fans where they usually are seated. The members further explained that the ‘DREAM’ and ‘CHAOS’ chapter stories that are the two concepts of TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s albums will be expressed through the concert.


A special stage to meet fans more closely saw the five members sit atop a high placed stage as the boys went off to meet their stars with EDM song ‘Poppin Star’. Adorable and full of hearts they brought out their cheerful sides as ‘Our Summer’ began surrounded by balloons and bubbles. 


Sitting among their fan seats, the slogans with MOA (fandom name) written on them were waved by the members. The live vocals for ‘Can’t We Just Leave The Monster Alive?’ accompanied by a house style choreography was only performed 2 times before the concert, 


‘9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)’ seemed to be the most awaited track as back in chic jackets, the boys take MOAs hands to go to a faraway land. With a heavy band sound in the back, they asked for the company of their fans.


‘No Rules’ began in white tuxedos with a heavy guitar sound, black bows and black knee-length pants, TOMORROW X TOGETHER broke all rules on the stage.


‘20 cm’ took a complete 180 degree as white mics and bold dance moves greeted the fans followed by a mellow ‘Fairy of Shampoo’.


As usual ‘Cat & Dog’ had fans going ‘woof’ in the comments section while ‘ICE CREAM’ saw the boys partying in an ice-cream truck. Schoolboy vibe with ‘Angel or Devil’ and a ‘MAGIC’ performance later, the highlight of the show came with ‘Blue Hour’ dance break version. 


A mash-up of ‘Nap of a Star’ and ‘Magic Island’ began with desperate voices from the vocally gifted members while ‘Can’t You See Me?’ was set amidst fire and grandiose. ‘PUMA’ began with a fierce roar with a complete contrast from ‘Eternally’ that began with a soft and raspy voice. ‘Frost’ continued the show with a maniacal laugh from Huening Kai as the other members danced between light strobes.


'0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori' was magical as is the norm for the song as confetti flew around the members giving it their all. As the sound of the recorded fanchants rang around the place, the moment turned earnest.


‘LOSER=LOVER’ returned with punk rock boys dressed in leather while an unexpected performance of ‘Dear Sputnik’ displayed a double tier stage that looked like a cake. Eye contact was essential as the boys said during ‘MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari)’ with a mask dance as the 1st fan song by the group found it sweet nook.


With sad music in the background, the members gave their final thoughts.

Taehyun shared how he was happy to do the concert without tears and wants to perform 10 more songs. Yeonjun mention how the absence of flash during ‘Nap of a Star’ almost made him cry but he held in for a day when they would meet the fans in person. Beomgyu thanked the fans for staying together with them as he felt fortunate and grateful. Huening Kai expressed his wish to have an online concert soon as leader Soobin rounded off by thanking the members, staff and fans who made the concert become a reality.


The eventful day came to a close with a special song, ‘Sweat’ which saw TOMORROW X TOGETHER unveil their secret track, only ever revealed to the fans before.


‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER LIVE <ACT:BOY>’ was an experience we feel will stay in the hearts of the artists on stage as well as all the thousands of fans watching it as the unbelievable passion, hard work and talent shone through the screens.


The dice has just been rolled for TOMORROW X TOGETHER as we hope they will pen mounds of successful chronicles in the coming days.


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