Top 10 K-pop songs that will make you feel BEAUTIFUL

K-pop songs today have become a sensation worldwide. And here is another such list of beautiful K-pop songs to uplift your mood!

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10 Best K-pop songs that will make you feel BEAUTIFUL
10 Best K-pop songs that will make you feel BEAUTIFUL

K-pop songs have all the elements of an upbeat song - from killer choreography to intense lyrics, from soothing music to headbangers, from simple K-pop band songs to spectacular singles, or from women empowerment to lovey-dovey angles. These K-pop songs engage the fans and listeners in a way that touches their minds, body, heart, and soul.


Remember You Are Beautiful by James Blunt?

Remember how mesmerized we were by the song lyrics, the overall video, and the voice of James Blunt?

Similarly, here in this article, we will talk about some of the best beautiful K-pop songs by your beloved K-pop bands that will surely make you and your day BEAUTIFUL. Scroll on!


Top 10 K-pop songs that will make you feel BEAUTIFUL


1. Beautiful by EXO

Beautiful by EXO is a simple, sweet, and dreamy song with delightful lyrics that compliment your lover, making them fall head over heels in love with you all over again. Just like how a marshmallow melts in a cup of hot chocolate shake, this song soothes you internally, brightening your mood and lifting your spirits. In short, this song is like a cozy hug by your beloved K-pop band EXO and will unquestionably make you feel beautiful!


2. Beautiful by SEVENTEEN

The only word that will cross your mind when you listen to this song by the famous K-pop band SEVENTEEN is "adorable". The pop track, Beautiful, makes a great club song with its upbeat EDM music that will want you to gather your friends and dance and sing along with them, spreading smiles and positivity. If this is not enough reason to listen to this beautiful K-pop song, then do us a favor and watch the sizzling choreography of the K-pop band SEVENTEEN. You'll be out of breath and excuses!


3. Beautiful by MONSTA X

Beautiful by MONSTA X creates a hip-hop vibe (debatably) similar to the song Boy In Luv by the famous K-pop boy band BTS. With a smooth chorus, full rap verses, musical notes, and superbly refined choreography - this song flows freely in a powerful way from MONSTA X members to the hearts of their fans. In simple words, the song Beautiful by MONSTA X is breathtaking and will instantly make you feel beautiful!


4. Beautiful by Amber


Mental illness takes a dig at a lot of people, and while not everyone openly discusses it, this song will surely make you feel relieved and heard. Beautiful by K-pop artist Amber is a K-pop song about self-love and how you should keep chasing your dreams by overcoming the darkness in your life. Amber's voice in this song is highly inspirational, sweet, and divine, and you can really feel the lyrics travel from her heart to yours. If you are struggling, you are not alone (hugs).


5. Beautiful by SHINee

A yet another cheery dance song, Beautiful, by a favorite K-pop band SHINee that will sway you away without you even realizing it. While the lyrics of this upbeat song will warm your hearts, the breathtaking choreography will charm its way into your soul. It is not any ordinary song, but a ballad turned into a pop song that will give K-pop fans the ultimate compliment. Listen to it, and you will truly feel its magic!


6. Beautiful by NCT 2021

Beautiful by NCT 2021 is an empowering ballad wherein every K-pop singer of the K-pop band NCT 2021 found their unique voice despite being in a band. This song encourages the listeners to open up their hearts and sing and dance along with the NCT 2021 members. In short, Beautiful by NCT 2021 is one of those songs that you can listen to on loop that will make you feel beautiful without getting bored!


7. You Were Beautiful by DAY6

There is something enticing about the fusion of sweet music and soft rock as if it is magic. You Were Beautiful by DAY6 will have the same magical effect on you that will end up making you feel beautiful or reminisce about your hauntingly romantic past love. The way the DAY6 members play their instruments while humming the lyrics about their past lover will palpably make you teary-eyed and lighter at the same time.


8. Beautiful by Crush

Beautiful by the K-pop artist Crush is an extremely soothing ballad that works wonders on your soul by transporting you back in time when you can imagine a beautiful era full of romance. This swoon-worthy is an original romantic soundtrack from the album Goblin that is best for a date-like setup wherein you squeeze in a slow dance with your significant other (aww).



9. Beautiful by Baekhyun

The song Beautiful from the album Drama EXO NEXT DOOR is sung by Baekhyun. The way he has expressed the lyrics will certainly make you feel them in your soul. His sweet voice and the soft, gentle way he has sung this ballad will undoubtedly make you fall in love with him (or miss your partner) - either way, this K-pop song will make you feel beautiful without any doubts!


10. Beautiful by BTS

The song Beautiful is actually a cover of Mariah Carey's Beautiful ft. Miguel, revised in Korean by K-pop band BTS's rapper line. This song is basically a friendzone song (yeah, you heard us right). Although some people may find the music video a bit cringy, the overall essence of the song, Beautiful by BTS, is very light and catchy and will cheer you up immediately!


Some more BEAUTIFUL K-pop songs to cheer you up


  • Beautiful Beautiful by ONF
  • Beautiful by Victon
  • It's Still Beautiful by Highlight
  • Beautiful Life by SHINee



Do you have a playlist of BEAUTIFUL K-pop songs to uplift your mood? What is your go-to K-pop song to cheer yourself up? Tell us in the comments section below!


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Which is the most popular K-pop song?
Oppa Is Just My Style (Gangnam Style 2) by PSY & Hyuna, Fire by BTS, DNA by BTS, and TT by Twice are some of the most popular K-pop songs.

Which K-pop group has the best songs?

Who is the No.1 K-pop idol?
Jimin of the K-pop boy band BTS is the No.1 K-pop idol.

Who is the No.1 Korean singer?
Kwon Bo-ah, a-k-a BoA. is the No.1 Korean singer.

Which Indian song is famous in Korea?
Tunak Tunak Tun

Which is the first K-pop song?
The first K-pop song is Nakhwayusu (lit. Fallen blossoms on running water) written by a Korean composer, Lee Jeong-suk, in 1929.

Who was the first K-pop group?
Seo Taiji and Boys

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