Top 10 moments from ep 3 of ‘In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2’ that we will remember for a long time

Published on Nov 01, 2021 11:01 AM IST  |  620.9K
In the SOOP BTS ver. S2 Official Poster
In the SOOP BTS ver. S2 Official Poster : courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

It was a new day in the BTS world, let’s check out our favourite moments from BTS’ stay at the castle.


JK feeding Jin: 

Mama bird and baby bird as the editors rightly named Jungkook and Jin who were tied to the breakfast sandwich made by the maknae as they woke up to an eventful morning.



Jin waking up RM:

The fans loved this one. Jin went to wake up light-sleeper RM to ask about eating kalguksu. It appeared as though he needed a push and was scared of disturbing the sensitive member.



Jin and SUGA Borahae:

The 2 eldest went “borahae”, the signature love phrase between BTS and ARMY. We are sure this only strengthened the BTS soulmates era even further.



Jimin’s dance:

Always the aegyo King, Jimin dropped some moves after successfully helping J-Hope make some croffles. By the looks of it, Jimin looked ready for an impromptu dance battle.



SUGA and RM book’s club:

RM, who is very often seen running through the pages of multiple books in ‘In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2’, was joined by SUGA who went to the cosy nook of the house with the most picturesque view.



Serenade to Bam:

We have been introduced to Jungkook’s dog Bam who the world fell in love with immediately. Seems like the love cannot be topped by anyone else as the singer serenaded his pet with a voice sweeter than honey.



RC car battle:

V and J-Hope got into a serious RC car battle as they ran around the tennis court. Soon a human car Jungkook joined the game and it was a spectacle worth its own show.



RM running:

RM once again took to working out and our hearts couldn’t take it. The editors went another step ahead and added a slow motion effect to his lightly running form.



J-Hope rocket:

After multiple unsuccessful attempts, J-Hope finally got to fly his rocket that had been a dream of his since childhood. Bam and RM watched from the sidelines with keen curiosity.



V adorably waiting for his food:

Late riser V was treated to some delicious looking croffle made by J-Hope as he personally fed him. V on the side, waited patiently for the food to melt in his mouth, appreciating his member’s efforts.




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What was your favourite moment from this episode? Let us know below.


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