Top 3 ‘GOING SEVENTEEN 2021’ episodes if you want to have a hearty laugh

Published on Aug 04, 2021 11:30 PM IST  |  205.8K
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SEVENTEEN are a funny bunch. They have proven it time and again. A major factor in showcasing that is their variety show ‘GOING SEVENTEEN’. It started in 2017 spanning over 29 episodes and has since continued for four more seasons named, ‘GOING SEVENTEEN SPIN-OFF’ (2018), ‘GOING SEVENTEEN 2019’, ‘GOING SEVENTEEN 2020’ and finally this year’s ‘GOING SEVENTEEN 2021’.

This season premiered on April 14 and has resumed to bring out the creative, playful, and often competitive side of the SEVENTEEN members. We took a look back at the episodes released so far and picked our 3 favourites (believe us, it was a tough task).

1. Episode 2: Ad-lib: GOING COMPANY #2

An episode that has become the basis of countless memes in the CARAT-verse, this is the second part of the ‘GOING COMPANY’ episode where member Jeonghan leads the group as the CEO of a company. Being the star of the show and also usually regarded as the ‘mastermind’ of the group, Jeonghan has a meeting where the employees discuss ideas for promoting their company. One by one, each of the 13 members comes up to a board and suggests cheeky ideas making fun of each other. Calling each other names and often unable to hold their character, the entire episode had us in splits. 

2. Episode 5: Let's Go! SEVENTEEN #1

A stark contrast between the members can be clearly seen during this episode. While an enviable physique is a definite trait in all of them, not every member is good at sports and even if they are, they might not be as good at cheating! Vocal leader Woozi takes up the MC post for this one aiming funny remarks at fellow members. Through a never-seen-before warming session, a lilac outfitted SEVENTEEN is divided into 2 teams. The unbeatable factor that remains in this episode is each team’s desire to win and how they do everything to ensure it. We definitely recommend this one if you are looking for a sports day throwback.

3. Episode 10: Don't Lie Ⅲ #2

A widely famed and loved series in the ‘GOING SEVENTEEN’ history is ‘Don't Lie’. Making a comeback for its third edition, the 2nd part of this amusing match is always the more chaotic one as the members figure out who the real ‘mafias’ are. A combination of the famous ‘Mafia’ game and ‘Treasure Hunt’, the boys of SEVENTEEN try their best to trick each other into voting for anyone but them to be ‘killed’ and thereby thrown out of the game. Spread over 4 rounds, the members attempt to fool each other and win the prize money of 500,000 KRW. Dressed in smart clothing, one cannot ignore the stunning visuals of these lying men in the hilarious ‘Don’t Lie’ episode. Don’t worry, we won’t reveal the real Mafias!

We recommend these 3 episodes from the 2021 edition of the variety show that will have you laughing on the floor.

Watch a new episode of ‘GOING SEVENTEEN 2021’ on SEVENTEEN’s YouTube, Naver V Live and Weverse channels every Wednesday at 9 PM KST (5:30 PM IST).

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What is SEVENTEEN's variety show called?
SEVENTEEN's variety show is called GOING SEVENTEEN.