Top 3 moments in Run On where we swooned over Shin Se Kyung and Im Siwan aka the Gyeommi Couple

Run On has successfully completed 10 episodes. Join us as we recount our top 3 moments where we swooned over the Gyeommi couple!
Top 3 moments in Run On where we swooned over Shin Se Kyung and Im Siwan aka the Gyeommi Couple
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Run On is a beautiful romantic drama about a young national track and field athlete who finally decided to find his own path and follow his heart when a film translator walks into his life. The athlete, Seon Gyeom is played by Im Siwan from ZE:A and the film translator Oh Mi Joo is played by a feisty Shin Se Kyung. Seon Gyeom is a top athlete but due to certain circumstances, he has to leave his position and work as a sports agent. Despite this, Oh Mi Joo feels that they were destined to meet and change each other’s lives. At the same time, SNSD’s Sooyoung plays the role of a determined and bold CEO of a sports company, Dan Ah, who is undermined because of her gender. She meets Young Hwa, played by Kang Tae Oh and their lives too, change for the better.

Run On has officially completed 10 episodes with the characters coming closer and forming more meaningful relationships with each other. As such there have been multiple moments where we swooned over the Gyeommi couple (Seon Gyeom – Mi Joo) and their cute romance.

Here are our top 3 moments where we were completely in love with Oh Mi Joo and Ki Seon Gyeom:

When Mi Joo asked Seon Gyeom to like her and he said that he already did

In a drunken haze, Mi Joo asks Seon Gyeom to like her because that’s all she wants and Seon Gyeom quietly replies by saying that he already does. He does it so effortlessly and softly despite knowing that Mi Joo was probably not going to remember any of it, that it made us collectively go “aww!”

When Seon Gyeom said he was scared of one thing only

In one scene, Mi Joo asks if Seon Gyeom was scared of anything. In response, Seon Gyeom says that he has never been scared of anything but now he is. We cut to him writing in his journal that the only time he was scared was when Mi Joo was sick from overworking herself.

When Seon Gyeom confessed to Mi Joo

In episode 10 of Run On, Seon Gyeom finally confesses his genuine feelings to Mi Joo. He does it without any dramatic effects or any big gestures and still, he manages to make it sound so sincere and straight from the heart that this confession has officially become our favourite confession ever! He tells her that, “Your affection for me gives me meaning and values. But I wasn't sure if you had feelings for me the same way I do about you. I wonder if you also want to hold my hand, hug me and kiss me. Because I do.” And she understandably, leans in for a kiss because that’s definitely what this confession warrants.

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What was your favourite couple moment in Run On? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below!

Anonymous 1 month ago

i agree with this.., love sweet couple..

Anonymous 1 month ago

watch Run On ep 11 tonight and feel the love, and be in love ❤