Top 5 films and TV shows starring Hyun Bin that you should add to your K drama watch list

Published on Sep 25, 2021 01:50 PM IST  |  199.9K
Hyun Bin posing: Courtesy of News1
Hyun Bin posing: Courtesy of News1

Hyun Bin is one of the most celebrated actors in the Korean Drama industry. The actor has time and again proven his capabilities by taking on challenging roles and expanding his horizons. From romantic comedy-dramas like ‘My Name is Kim Sam-Soo’ to action-thriller movies like ‘Confidential Assignment’, there isn’t any stone left unturned by Hyun Bin. The actor was first supposed to debut with the movie ‘Shower’ in 2012, which was unfortunately not released due to lack of funding thus extending his debut to 2003 with the television series ‘Bodyguard’. Born in 1982, Hyun Bin celebrates his 39th birthday today, that is, September 25, 2021. In celebration of the special occasion, here are some of the most renowned and critically acclaimed dramas and movies of the talented actor Hyun Bin. 

1) ‘Crash Landing On You’

Talking about Hyun Bin and not mentioning ‘Crash Landing On You’ is like eating a pizza with no cheese. The drama aired on tvN drama and Netflix in 2019 and starred Hyun Bin as a North Korean soldier, Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk who decides to help a South Korean conglomerate, Yoon Se Ri, featuring actress Son Ye Jin who enters North Korea by mistake. The drama is not just romantic, but is also full of uncertain events, twists and turns and most importantly, chemistry loved and adored by fans all across the globe. 

2) ‘Secret Garden’

For anyone who believes in the classic K-Dramas supremacy, ‘Secret Garden’ is a must! The series talks about the story of Kim Joo Won starring Hyun Bin who seems like a perfect man to others but in reality, is an imperious and eccentric CEO. Gil Ra Im starring Han Ji Won, is a poor yet humble stuntwoman who is the centre of envy amongst the top actresses for her beautiful face and perfect physique. Kim Joo Won’s accidental meeting with Gil Ra Im marks the beginning of a tense relationship amongst them. Over time, Kim Joo Won tries to hide a growing attraction towards Gil Ra Im which confuses him further as they get entailed in a strange series of events resulting in swapping their bodies. 

3) ‘Confidential Assignment’

Money, action and thrills! If these words excite your soul, ‘Confidential Assignment’ is a must watch! The movie is the story of a special investigation team in North Korea led by Im Cheon Ryung starring Hyun Bin and their struggles to catch a national criminal. The team is given a ‘confidential assignment’ which they must complete within three days. The movie won many national as well as international awards including the 22nd Busan International Film Festival’s ‘Action Award’ and the 12th Asian Film Festival’s ‘AFA Next Generation Award’. 

4) ‘Memories of Alhambra’

Memories of Alhambra tells the unique and engaging love story of Yoo Jin Woo & Jung Hee Joo. Yoo Jin Woo, starring Hyun Bin is a strong spirited CEO of an investment company who has a knack for developing video games and has a degree in Engineering. Suffering from his best friend’s betrayal, he takes a business trip to Granada, Spain in search of the mysterious inventor of an augmented-reality video game. In Granada, he ended up staying at a hotel that is owned by Jung Hee Joo. Starring Jung Hee Joo is Park Shin Hye. Jung Hee Joo is a former classical guitarist who has come to Spain for further studies. But with the death of her parents, she takes on various jobs to support herself which includes running an old hotel. The two get strangled up into a series of strange and unexpected events.

5) ‘My Love Sam Soon’

The drama which paved the way for Hyun Bin’s incredible journey, ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’ stars Kim Sun Ah. As the protagonist. Kim Sam Soon is a baker who is well known for her pastries and cakes. On Christmas Eve, she catches her boyfriend, Min Hyun Woo, cheating on her. Min Hyun Woo, played by Lee Kyu Han ended up breaking things up with Kim Sam Soon. On the very same night, Sam Soon meets Hyun Jin Hun, starring Hyun Bin. Hyun Jin Hun, the owner of a restaurant named Bon Appetit, coincidently is in need of a baker for his restaurant. Kim Sam Soon accepts the offer of being the restaurant’s chief baker. While this seems like it's all going smoothly, in reality, the two fight like cat and dog.

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