Top 7 moments from episode 2 of ‘In the SOOP BTS ver. S2’ that had us admiring the boys once again

Published on Oct 25, 2021 03:46 PM IST  |  226K
In the SOOP BTS ver. S2 Official Poster
In the SOOP BTS ver. S2 Official Poster : courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

After a fun-filled arrival and an introduction to BTS’ castle and a new family member, we take a look at how the first day of their stay pans out.



The fans got a satisfying look at one of the most talked-about friendships in the group as members V and Jungkook rode off on an ATV together. The hashtag trended worldwide once the episode was out. 


Trumpet lessons:

V had seemingly decided to learn another instrument and took trumpet lessons in all seriousness even during his vacation. Fans loved the effort the singer puts into everything including his hobbies.


Sassy boy:

Jimin joined the others for a round of ‘survival’ as the boys shot with toy guns. As he got called out for a failed attempt, Jimin adorably stared j-hope down.


The muscle man and his Tinkerbell:

Following his bike ride around the place, RM took to working out. He then shared a selca (selfie) with fans who were more than delighted to spot the rapper’s bulging muscles. At dinner, he apologised to a bug by calling it ‘Tinkerbell’ and acting cute once again.


Hope film:

The Hope film came alive throughout the episode as BTS member j-hope took to capturing memories of the boys’ stay. He took pictures and videos of everything that fellow members did. One can only hope they are shared with us one day.


Shooting Guard:

SUGA, went by his name as he taught some handy basketball tricks to member Jimin while the latter struggled to land a basket. Very easily his older days of endless practice and valuable advice led to fruition.


Jin and grapes:

A challenge for himself, Jin took to gaming alone rewarding himself timely with some grapes. However, things did not go as planned and Jin ended up poking fun at his own skills making the fans crack up.


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Anonymous : How? This Soop had a mega budget and content is useless! First episode spent so much time with Jin repeatedly explaining how games or laying down is resting. Second episode was mostly about Tae carrying around his instrument. Funny how they only showed Tae/JK on an ATV when clearly others wrote on them too. I’m getting pissed off with editing/favoritism. Hopefully, this third one will improve or that’s it for me.
REPLY 0 1 month ago