True Beauty Ep 6 RECAP: Seojun & Joo Kyeong get closer while Suho misses her terribly

Published on Dec 25, 2020 01:05 PM IST  |  6.4M
True Beauty Ep 6 RECAP: Seojun & Joo Kyeong get closer while Suho misses her terribly

In episode 6 of True Beauty, Suho regrets being mean to Joo Kyeong, missing everything about her as she forms a close bond with Seojun.

True Beauty is a romantic comedy K-Drama that recently started premiering on tvN for Korean fans and Viu or Rakuten Viki for international fans. Based originally on a webtoon of the same name or alternately, Goddess Advent, this drama will explore the life of a young high school student Im Joo Kyung (played by Moon Ga Young) who suffers from issues of self-worth and confidence stemming from her appearance. However, she learns about makeup on online forums and gives it a try. Make-up works wonders for her self image and she can now confidently start her life anew in a new school with new people. She meets two men, Su Ho (Cha Eunwoo) and Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeob) who complicate her feelings but also help her come out of her shell and embrace her true beauty.

Episode 6 starts off at the rooftop with Joo Kyeong comforting Suho as he’s going through a breakdown. Suho asks her if she’s okay and she asks the same back, adding that she now knows that he was the one who saved her at the rooftop and that she wasn’t trying to take a drastic step when he did that. She also tells him that he doesn’t have to pity her. Before Suho can tell her that he didn’t mean any of it, the fire alarms start going off. Everyone from the building runs up to the rooftop for safety and busily go back down. Suho protects Joo Kyeong from people bumping into her but she thinks it’s because he finds her pitiful.

Next, we find out that Gowoon is actually Seojun’s sister and he finds out that Joo Kyeong actually helped her out and took care of the bullies. The next day at school, Seojun wants to apologise to her but he doesn’t get the chance to and meanwhile Joo Kyeong is also avoiding Suho as much as she can because she does not want to be pitied anymore.

At the parent-teacher conference, Joo Kyeong’s mother, with her having ranked 24th out of 25 people is furious but in a non-confrontational way. Suho’s father also shows up, despite him not wanting him to and the entire school is going crazy because Suho’s father is a celebrity. Even Joo Kyeong’s mother wants to go up to him and ask for a photo. Later at home, her mother is so upset about her grades that she throws away all her makeup. She gets it back eventually though. We also find out that Seojun does not like Suho’s father because of what he did to their friend. The situation isn’t completely clear yet but it’ll probably be explored in later episodes.

Joo Kyeong goes over to Gowoon’s house to help her with makeup which of course, is also Seojun’s house. She’s there just in time to catch Seojun walking out of the shower, in his robe and leopard print underwear, doing a little dance. Seojun ends up walking her back home and she makes sure to tease him about that. He finally gets the chance to apologise to her as well as thank her for what she’s done for Gowoon. The two grow closer and finally forge a genuine bond. She continues being playful with him at school and it is obvious that he’s falling for her. Joo Kyeong’s mother goes looking for her at the comic book store because she needs to be studying. However, she finds Suho there and invites him over for dinner. Joo Kyeong reaches home and sees Suho and is visibly surprised. After a chaotic turn of events, she tells him not to pity him once again.

Suho is on a bus where he starts having a panic attack again and gets down. He sees Joo Kyeong running across the street at the moment which helps him stabilise but he notices that some bullies are giving Joo Kyeong a hard time. She loses her wallet in the scuffle which Suho goes and grabs. Joo Kyeong is mad at Suho and tells him to stop doing nice things for her. Suho desperately wants to comfort her but before he can do so, he sees Seojun and his friend so he has to hide her as soon as he can. He pulls her real close and hides her face with his jacket, staying that way even after they’re gone so they can be close for a little longer.

The group of thugs who want to fight Seojun make a plan to kidnap his girlfriend which they think is Joo Kyeong in order to mess with him. The thugs are also good friends with Joo Kyeong’s bullies. The next day, on the way to study group, they kidnap Joo Kyeong and take her to a karaoke bar and call Seojun to come and get his girlfriend. Suho is with him at the moment and they both rush to protect Joo Kyeong. Joo Kyeong too, manages to grab one of the cellphones lying around and video calls her friends who also manage to figure out the location and rush to get her.

Suho gets to her first and is immediately all kicks and punches. Seojun comes in and starts fighting with the others while her friends also show up and do whatever they can to help. Suho finally comes back to the main antagonist and chokes him with a Jiu-Jitsu slam, glaring at him with all the anger in the world.

Episode 6 thus ends on a beautiful note of friendship and protectiveness where not only do the two guys who are interested in her show up to save her but so do her friends.

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REPLY 1 8 months ago
Anonymous : The drama is really funny especially the men kissing moment in the hallway
REPLY 2 8 months ago
Anonymous : I love the drama
REPLY 2 8 months ago
Anonymous : I am watching this drama with my teenage daughter...though she is more of webtoon lover..yet we love to watch the drama it's fun
REPLY 3 8 months ago
Anonymous : the the drama is way better than the webtoon..cant help myself laughing while watching..looking forward to watch the next episode...
REPLY 3 8 months ago
Anonymous : This episode was epic... waiting for the next ones!
REPLY 4 8 months ago