TRUE BEAUTY Ep 7 RECAP: Suho likes someone else? Seojun finally admits to his feelings in front of Suho

In Episode 7 of True Beauty, a sweet bromance blooms between Suho and Seojun which inevitably ends in a stare off where Seojun warns Suho to back off because he likes Joo Kyung.
A screenshot from episode 7 of True Beauty. TRUE BEAUTY Ep 7 RECAP: Suho likes someone else? Seojun finally admits to his feelings in front of Suho
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In Episode 7 of True Beauty, broken friendships are on the way to revival, new bonds are forged and Seojun tells Suho to back off because he likes Joo Kyung.

True Beauty is a romantic comedy K-Drama that recently started premiering on tvN for Korean fans and Viu or Rakuten Viki for international fans. Based originally on a webtoon of the same name or alternately, Goddess Advent, this drama will explore the life of a young high school student Im Joo Kyung (played by Moon Ga Young) who suffers from issues of self-worth and confidence stemming from her appearance. However, she learns about makeup on online forums and gives it a try. Make-up works wonders for her self image and she can now confidently start her life anew in a new school with new people. She meets two men, Su Ho (Cha Eunwoo) and Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeop) who complicate her feelings but also help her come out of her shell and embrace her true beauty.

Episode 7 starts with Jung Gun Joo as Ryu Hyung Jin, a baseball prodigy who is immediately smitten by Joo Kyung. He even drops the ball right before he is about to pitch because he is so taken by her beauty. 

We’re taken back to what happens after the karaoke incident. The teacher gets wind of the incident and asks all the students to write an apology letter. They also find out that they have an exam to prepare for. On the way back home, Joo Kyung sees Suho and recalls how he held her hand on the ride home from the karaoke bar. Suho, on the other hand, is a little distant and off. They meet at the study group later and Suho is the first one there so he puts his head down on the desk and dozes off. She comes after him and sits down next to him, laying her head down on the desk and watching him sleep. He wakes up and sees her watching but doesn’t break eye contact. It’s the sweetest moment of vulnerability before the other students show up. Later the same person who kidnapped Joo Kyung also shows up to apologise to her and it turns out, he’s doing so because Suho made him do it.

While Suho is more of a tsundere type – cold, indifferent and secretive about his feelings, Seojun is warm and welcoming, playful and open. He teases her in order to be around her and he goes about it in the most adorable way. Joo Kyung just wants to study so that she can improve her score and in order to focus, pushes her hair back with a hair clip. Suho notices that and buys a hair clip later on to give to her.

We cut to the baseball game where Ryu Hyung Jin asks Joo Kyung for her phone number and her friends pressure her into giving it to him, which she does. Suho is visibly mad about this and lectures her on giving her phone number to strangers. He’s trying to be serious but it’s just the cutest thing ever. Tae Hoon picks up on this and now realises that Suho must really like Joo Kyung. He tells him that he won’t be able to win her over this way. Instead, he needs to be more expressive, has to do things for her and should go to her house and call her outside and so on and so forth. Suho doesn’t understand it all but he knows that if this is what it takes to win her heart then he’s ready to do it.

In the meantime, the students get their grades back and although Joo Kyung has done well, she hasn’t accomplished the goal her mother had set for her which prompts her mother to throw away all her makeup again. At that very moment, Suho shows up at Joo Kyung’s place but quickly hides when he sees her coming out crying. Suho goes over to her after a while and instead of confessing, he takes her to the comic book store instead. They have a nice and warm conversation where he pats her on the head for improving her score and the two spend some quality time together. Eventually, he takes out the hair clip he had bought earlier and puts it on her hair as a present.

Later at the study group, Soo Jin and Suho are talking about how much stress she’s going through because his father is mad about her results and has been abusing her again. They talk for a while and share a hug and that’s when Joo Kyung sees them. She puts two and two together and figures that the girl Suho likes must be Soo Jin. Suho saves space for Joo Kyung but she chooses to sit way at the back instead because she wants to give him some space and privacy because she now thinks that Suho likes Soo Jin and not her. In the meantime, Ryu Hyung Jin has already made his move a couple of times on Joo Kyung, secretly entering their school, giving her a baseball and inviting her to the final baseball game. So Suho has some worries in that regard as well, especially considering how she didn’t sit next to him.

Seojun asks Joo Kyung out to go buy makeup for his sister and she happily agrees. While looking for makeup, there’s a very sweet moment where Joo Kyung insists that Seojun let her put lip tint on him. After resisting a little, he gives in and the two are inches away from a kiss. Seojun is clearly in a trance with his heart beating faster than ever but Joo Kyung is unbothered. Suho texts Joo Kyung wondering where she is and why she isn’t at the comic book store and she tells him that she’s at the mall with Seojun. Suho shows up at the mall and while all three of them are in the elevator, it breaks down and they’re trapped inside. Joo Kyung desperately needs to pee and Suho even offers to give her his plastic cup to pee in but she’s terribly embarrassed. When they finally get out, she makes a run for the bathroom but bumps into Ryu Hyung Jin instead. Both Suho and Seojun are seething at this point.

Suho and Seojun show up at the final game because Joo Kyung was invited but she doesn’t go because she already told Hyung Jin that she has someone she likes. At the game, Suho and Seojun are seated next to each other and clearly have a great time watching the match. They’re rooting for Hyung Jin so that he can transfer all the way to America to play for the major league and leave Joo Kyung alone. By the end of it, when Hyung Jin does end up getting a perfect win, the two can’t help but hug each other and Suho even lifts him up in his arms out of happiness! It is simply delightful and adorable to see the two best friends possibly rebuild their friendship. However, before too long, they realise that they’re in love with the same girl and end up having a stare off where Seojun tells Suho straight up that he likes Joo Kyung.

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