True Beauty Episode 11 pre-release SPOILERS: Will Suho & Joo Kyung’s relationship finally be exposed?

In the latest stills released by True Beauty, Suho and Im Joo Kyung's relationship stands on the brink of being exposed.
True Beauty Episode 11 pre-release SPOILERS: Will Suho & Joo Kyung’s relationship finally be exposed?
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True Beauty is a romantic comedy K-Drama that recently started premiering on tvN for Korean fans and Viu or Rakuten Viki for international fans. Based originally on a webtoon of the same name or alternately, Goddess Advent, this drama will explore the life of a young high school student Im Joo Kyung (played by Moon Ga Young) who suffers from issues of self-worth and confidence stemming from her appearance. However, she learns about makeup on online forums and gives it a try. Make-up works wonders for her self image and she can now confidently start her life anew in a new school with new people. She meets two men, Suho (Cha Eunwoo) and Seojun (Hwang In Yeop) who complicate her feelings but also help her come out of her shell and embrace her true beauty.

In a still released by the production of True Beauty, one can see Joo Kyung’s small feet peeking out of Suho’s blanket on his hospital bed while their classmates come to visit him after the accident. Suho seems to be doing alright, fortunately, after the accident and Joo Kyung and Suho seem to have gotten back together after resolving all misunderstandings. However, their relationship is still very much a secret.

When their classmates are curious as to whose those are, especially because they’re covered in pink socks, a shocking revelation seems to follow. In the next still, we see Joo Kyung looking at their classmates with an embarrassed look on her face while Suho tries to save the situation and protect her. The two are clearly flustered which makes it even funnier. Will Suho and Joo Kyung be able to keep their secret or will their relationship be exposed? If so, how will Soo Jin react to all this? In addition, what happened to Seojun? In all likelihood, Seojun is also alright after the accident, albeit with perhaps a broken arm.

Safe to say, episode 11 is going to be a fun-filled episode with a lot more love and affection and fewer arguments. Don’t forget to tune in to find out!

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