True Beauty episode 11 prefaces a big change coming: Will Suho leave for Japan?

There's just one question that's on everyone's mind right now - Will Suho leave?
True Beauty episode 11 prefaces a big change coming: Will Suho leave for Japan?
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In True Beauty episode 11, we find out that the mysterious figure LEO that Joo Kyung’s sister is looking for is not actually Seojun but Suho. We also find out that Seojun and Suho’s friend was quite literally the scapegoat to cover up Suho’s father’s scandal. However, his father had no knowledge of the same.

On the other hand, Joo Kyung tells Soo Jin that she’s dating Suho and the two seem to hug it out with no hard feelings. Joo Jyung finds out about Suho’s accident and runs over. She goes over to what she thinks is his hospital bed and sobs uncontrollably before realising that it’s actually Seojun. Suho quickly manages the situation by saying that she’s his “noona” because Seojun doesn’t recognise Joo Kyung without her makeup.

Seojun, who broke both his arms and Suho who broke his leg are completely reliant on each other which leads to them slowly becoming friends again. Suho’s father visits Suho and they get into a heated argument which prompts Suho to have a panic attack again. Seojun meets Suho’s father and tells him that Suho is actually LEO and that he should take care of his son more by trying to know more about him. Suho’s father quits as CEO, announcing his retirement which indicates that he’s finally taking the first steps towards being a father to Suho.

Throughout this episode, the motif of an airplane keeps recurring. It is shown and focused on multiple times and it might signal Suho’s departure to Japan. It will be interesting to see how the narrative unfolds, especially with another student from Joo Kyung’s former school, transferring to Saebom High.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

I just love this all..