True Beauty star Hwang In Yeop reveals why he couldn’t act earlier, a trait he wants to keep forever & more

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True Beauty star Hwang In Yeop reveals why he couldn’t act earlier, a trait he wants to keep forever & more

On April 22, the famous actor Hwang In Yeop uploaded pictures of his pictorial shoot with the popular beauty magazine, Marie Claire. And now we also have the interview! It hasn’t been long since the 30-year-old actor started his acting career. His debut was the 2018 show ‘Why’. He rose to immense popularity after playing the character of Han Seo Jun in the webtoon-based drama, ‘True Beauty’. 

While the actor looked all suave and chic in the pictorial, the interview was rather deep. It started off on a light note though! The interviewer asked Hwang In Yeop about his decision to join Instagram last year, as he now has a whopping 8.6 million followers on Instagram. He explained that it's for his fans. He said that he rarely took photos of himself and found posing for photos awkward. But now, he added, he does his bit by trying little by little to post for the fans! He said that people were telling him to start it 3-4 years ago. 

When the topic about his acting career arrived, he explained why he couldn’t start acting earlier. It was because of his timid and shy personality. He said that he kept listening to what others had to say, not listening to his own self. He added that the reason he thinks he did it is because he didn’t believe in himself as an actor. 

Even though the actor has recently been propelled to fame, he is still considered a rookie actor. He talked about a favourite trait that he’d like to keep forever while he does acting is his zero desire to be competitive. He said that he doesn’t naturally think that he has to win or has to stand out in a crowd. He said, “I don’t want to think of having to beat someone to reach a position where I am. I want to flow as naturally and harmoniously as possible.” He added that, “I would be unhappy if I made up my mind to beat others with a competitive mindset. It doesn’t suit my personality. So even if there’s a person who is very competitive next to you, I’ll pretend to lose even for a simple game. Of course there are times when I really lose,” he added while laughing. He mentioned that this process is fun for him. He believes that whatever he’s good at, will shine through whenever the right time occurs. 

After a series of intense questions, the interviewer then proceeded to ask him a light-hearted question - talking about his wish that is harmless to anyone. To this, the actor replied that he wants to live alone. He also added that his family is going to be sad when they hear about it. When asked what he’d like to do first after getting a whole place to himself, he said that he’d like to cook tteokbokki! He recently tried his hand at it and it turned out to be more tasty than he imagined! He also explained the whole mood - he would set the table nicely and instead of placing just plates, will set it up with a nice tablecloth. A reality check did hit him though as he laughed and said that this might not last long! 

Check out the stunning actor Hwang In Yeop in his Marie Claire pictorial here: 

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