TUNESDAY: TOP 5 emotive and soft tracks by SEVENTEEN’s vocal team

Published on Sep 21, 2021 05:48 PM IST  |  126.5K
SEVENTEEN Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: Pledis Entertainment
SEVENTEEN Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: Pledis Entertainment

SEVENTEEN are definitely aces with exceptional hip-hop, performance and vocal teams. While they are known for their fast paced and loud tracks like ‘Hit’, ‘Very Nice’ and ‘Clap’, their soft B-sides will definitely melt your heart. These 5 tracks are perfect to unwind at the end of a hectic day. Let’s dive into the pastel coloured and cloudy world of SEVENTEEN’s soft tracks. 

  1. Hug

Every CARAT is aware of this underrated gem. The slow guitar instrumental, easy melodies and emotional lyrics will keep you at ease. The song feels like a warm blanket that SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK and Seungkwan drape to protect the listeners from all the bad things happening out in the world. This track truly acts as a safe haven for many CARATs, like myself. 

  1. Smile Flower 

Though this is by the entire team and not just the vocal team, this song is a testimony that SEVENTEEN has no bad vocals where even the performance and hip-hop teams are able to belt smooth notes as they dedicate the song to all the CARATs. This is definitely tear-jerker even if you’re not a CARAT, that’s the power SEVENTEEN’s vocals, melody and lyrics has on a listener. 

  1. Pinwheel 

Pinwheel is a magical and mystical track that encapsulates the feelings of love, loss and regret. DK’s vocals truly stood out here with his high notes and sweet melodies.When Woozi, who wrote the lyrics and composed the melody, was asked about where he got the inspiration for the track, he revealed that it was actually based on a dream he had.

  1. Habit 

Habit, undoubtedly, is one of the best vocal team songs with the beautiful harmonies, unique chorus and Seungkwan’s belting voice is just an added bonus! In lyrics such as ‘As I feel my lips that used to call your name go completely dry’, one can feel the heartbreaking emotions behind them. Their voice blended gorgeously, producing a clean and emotive track. 

  1. Don’t Listen In Secret 

To end this list, this is another underrated track. Jeonghan and DK’s voice stood out in this beautiful track. The piano and guitar add sadness to the lyrics. Words like ‘You can listen to sad songs; And shed tears; Music is like that’ show the heartbreak and regret they feel towards their loved one. The high notes in the bridge by DK and Seungkwan create more tension and soon Woozi dissipates it by singing ‘Don’t listen in secret’. 

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