tvN gives a sneak peek into Go Min Si, Oh Jung Se, Sung Dong Il and more from ‘Jirisan’

Published on Oct 21, 2021 03:21 PM IST  |  94K
Jirisan Poster
Jirisan Poster; Picture Courtesy: tvN

tvN’s 15th anniversary special project ‘Jirisan’ is a collaboration between Seo Yi Gang (Jun Ji Hyun), the best ranger in Jirisan National Park, and Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon), a new ranger who has an unspeakable secret. Boon) is a mystery drama about the story that takes place while digging up a mysterious accident that takes place in a mountain.

With the first episode airing on October 23rd, writer Kim Eun Hee introduces the characters in the play, and the actors Sung Dong Il (Cho Dae Jin), Oh Jung Se (Jung Gu Yeong), Jo Han Cheol (Park Il Hae), Ju Min Kyung (Lee Yang Sun), and Go Min Kyung (Lee Yang Sun), It is expected to convey trust in the city (Lee Da Won station).

First, writer Kim Eun Hee expressed her strong feelings about Sung Dong Il, who took on the role of Dae Jin Jo, the branch manager of the Haedong branch, saying, “I felt like I met a very good supporter.” He also said, “A man named Jo Dae Jin is not only the head of a family, but he is also the head of the Haedong branch called Jirisan. And although there was a lot of responsibility and pain, he somehow overcame it and played the role of a captain who manages the crew well.”

Regarding the surrealist Jeong Gu Young (Oh Jung Se), who is also aiming for a 'clear job' in Jirisan, "The job of a ranger is a job that works for other people, so more responsibility and sense of duty are emphasized. I thought of him as a light character who could talk about his dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction. However, he is a character with a strong feeling that cannot be hated.” And he added, “Oh Jung Se has embodied it really well,” heralding the birth of a delightful and attractive character that will be completed with his flamboyant digestive power.

Next, Park Il Hae (Jo Han Cheol) said, “He is the person who most closely matches the image of the real rangers I met through the interview. He is the most appropriate character with a sense of duty, responsibility, and the image of having to protect this mountain and its visitors.” “I thought Jo Han Cheol had a rather heavy image, but he did a great job,” he said, making me curious about his other transformations. 

Actor Ju Min Kyung, who excels in acting as he stepped into reality, took on the role of Lee Yang Sun , an administrative employee of Haedong Branch. Writer Kim Eun Hee said, "Rather than rescue activities, he is a character who supports the rangers by doing all the work in the office. In fact, when I went down to the Jeonbuk office, there were administrative staff there, and I was a character who got a hint from the scene.” 

tvN's 15th anniversary special project 'Jirisan', which will show the performances of characters with various colors and the passionate performances of actors who believe and see who will make the characters come alive, will be broadcasted for the first time at 9 pm KST on Saturday, October 23rd.

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