tvN releases new suspenseful teaser for the awaited thriller drama Tragedy of One

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Stills from the teaser of Tragedy of One; Picture Courtesy: tvN

Through the 3rd teaser video of tvN's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'The Road: Tragedy of 1' (written by Yoon Hee-jung and directed by Kim No-won), the kidnapping of the son of national anchor Baek Soo-hyeon (Ji Jin-hee) happened. The tragic path that will lead viewers into the labyrinth has been revealed.The video contains scenes from the main story for the first time and draws attention, while a call from Baek Soo-hyun immediately creates a sense of suspense. Someone who horribly altered his voice threatened his son's life, saying, "If you don't do what you're told, your son will die."

When Baek Soo-hyun, who became impatient and urgent, asked, “Is it because of the report?!”, the answer is “because of all the mistakes you made”, adding to the significance.

Anchor Baek Soo-hyun, who speaks only the truth, is preparing to release some kind of 'report' this time, and I am curious about the already entangled secrets about what the 'mistake' the criminal said was. In addition, one can see the police lining up in the mountains and working in large numbers, and Baek Soo-hyun, who stands in front of him, faces all the heavy rain and looks at it with empty eyes, suggesting that an unusual incident has occurred.

Afterwards, Baek Soo-hyun, who was determined with a firm expression on his face, said, "From now on, the one who tries to cover up the case first is the real culprit." In particular, at the same time, the strange eyes of the surrounding people, such as his wife Seo Eun-soo (Yoon Se-ah), fellow announcer Cha Seo-young (Kim Hye-eun), and the father-in-law Seo Ki-tae (Chun Ho-jin), pass by, increasing the tension.

The drama revolves around the residents of ‘Royal at the Hill’, a luxurious neighbourhood where only the top 1% live and how their lives get entangled due to a series of events. The drama will show the not-so-glamorous world of the rich and powerful. It is scheduled to premiere on August 4 at 10:30 pm KST. 

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