tvN unveils main poster for the awaited fantasy drama ‘Bulgasal’ featuring Kwon Nara and more

Published on Nov 18, 2021 04:40 PM IST  |  189.5K
Bulgasal Poster
Bulgasal Poster; Picture Courtesy: tvN

tvN's new Saturday drama 'Bulgasal' is a drama that can't be killed or killed, as long as a man who has become invincible, repeats reincarnation for 600 years. It is a drama about a sad but beautiful story of chasing a woman. As the posters and videos that take off the veil one by one before the first broadcast raise expectations, the main poster also catches the eye. Dan Hwal (Lee Jin Wook), Min Sang Woon (Kwon Nara), Ok Eul Tae (Lee Joon), Dan Sol (Gong Seung Yeon), Dan Geuk (Jung Jin Young), Shaman (Park Myung Shin) and Nam Do Yoon (Kim Woo Seok) were revealed.


In particular, the different flows of time overlap, adding to the mysterious feeling, such as someone living in a past life, someone being reincarnated, and someone living alone for a long time to reach the present. Among them, unknown emotions intersect in the face of Danhwal, who has become invisible to humans. It raises the question of why he chases after a woman for a long time and why he shows sadness rather than sad life in his eyes that he has lived only for revenge. Min Sang Woon, who has been chased by a mortal while repeating reincarnation, also has scars in his eyes looking at a different place, raising curiosity about what kind of story will be engraved between the two men.

In addition, Ok Eul Tae, who is a huge wealthy man and a strong supporter of politicians, doubles the tension with cold-blooded eyes without emotion, making him more curious about his veiled identity. Dansol, the wife of Danhwal 600 years ago and who has abilities that others cannot understand, is immersed in sorrow while wearing a beautiful hanbok, and attention is focused on the story of the past. 

In addition, unknown afterimages overlap with the appearance of the 7 people, raising curiosity. As if connecting Danhwal and Min Sangwoon, the picture of a strange person in the center, the back of two people standing in the same place, and the shape of a child catch the eye as if memories of the past are floating. It is already making an interesting argument about what these hidden appearances mean. As such, there is more anticipation of what kind of story and fate the seven characters who will share a long story of 600 years will be placed in, and what kind of conflict will occur when they meet each other.

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