TWICE become first Kpop female act to achieve THIS remarkable feat on Spotify

Updated on Nov 14, 2021 03:08 PM IST  |  225K
TWICE pose for the concept photo of 'Formula Of Love'
TWICE pose for the concept photo of 'Formula Of Love' (Pic credit - JYP Entertainment)

ONCEs, we have some good news for you! With TWICE's recent release, their third studio album 'Formula of Love: O+T=<3', TWICE achieved a new peak in their career. The girl group entered Spotify's 'Top Artists Global at number 32' on Spotify's last update on November 12, making them the first and highest K-pop female act and girl group overall to do so.

Also, TWICE charted two songs at the same time on Spotify Global Chart for the first time in their career with 'The Feels' and 'SCIENTIST'. The title song 'SCIENTIST' is co-composed by English singer Anne-Marie, as well as famous hitmakers Melanie Fontana, Michael “Lindgren” Schulz, Tommy Brown, Steven Franks, and 72. In this attractive and futuristic music video, TWICE members have decided to open up their very own love laboratory, carrying out all kinds of research, to create the perfect formula of love for their beloved fandom, ONCEs! The lyrics are witty and enjoyable and the music video is fun and sparkling, best known as TWICE's signature style!

'Formula Of Love: O+T = <3' contains a total of 17 songs where the group’s English track The Feels’ Korean version will be released in the CD copy. However, the original track will be available in the digital copy, which will also have a R3HAB remix of ‘SCIENTIST’. TWICE members have also actively participated in the making of the album as Dahyun, Jihyo, Nayeon, and Chaeyoung’s names have been credited under the lyrics for songs ‘CRUEL’, ‘REAL YOU’, ‘F.I.L.A (FALL IN LOVE AGAIN)’ and ‘The Feels’ Korean version respectively. Jihyo has also taken part in the composition for ‘CACTUS’. Congratulations to TWICE!

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