TWICE talks about their training time: No foreign language certificate meant no debut

Published on Mar 16, 2021 01:02 PM IST  |  633.7K
TWICE members taking a break from dance practice and clicking a group mirror selfie
TWICE talks about their training time: No foreign language certificate meant no debut

The multinational girl group TWICE has been raking in attention since their debut. The show, Legendary Stage: Archive K features the top history-makers of the KPop industry and has, till now, featured BLACKPINK, Super Junior, Psy, J.Y. Park, and BTS. The interviews conducted on the show give a deep insight into their stories and what made them make history, and also are a bit casual. 


TWICE featured on the show on March 14 and revealed some interesting facts about their pre-debut times at their company JYP Entertainment. As 4 out of the 9 members of the group are foreigners, the host Sung Si Kyung asked members, “Are there any special classes that the non-Korean members need to undertake?” The Japanese member Sana replied, “I and Momo had to take Korean classes for three years. When we first came to Korea, we couldn’t even speak a single word.”


Even though the artists excel in singing and dancing, learning at least one foreign language is mandatory - not just for foreign artists to study Korean for obvious reasons, but for Korean artists too. MC Sandra Park threw a question at the members asking if other members took Chinese or Japanese lessons to which the group’s leader Jihyo took the audience by surprise, revealing that she actually has a Chinese language certificate since her middle school days!


However, the most shocking reveal was actually by Nayeon. She said that the group couldn’t debut if they didn’t have a foreign language certificate. It is definitely important for foreign artists to learn Korean as a part of becoming a KPop idol but the strict no foreign language, no debut rule of even Korean artists has come off as a small shock to the fans. 


Entertainment labels have always been training their artists in at least two languages. Some choose Japanese and Mandarin, some choose Japanese and English - it mostly depends on where they want to grow their business at. 


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