TWICE's Momo stuns ONCE with her striking duality in a sensuous dance number for Performance Project

TWICE member Momo showcases her effortless versatility as a dancer in a special dance video for the Performance Project.
TWICE's Momo stuns ONCE with her striking duality in a sensuous dance number for Performance Project
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TWICE's Momo is a fantastic dancer is no secret, but did you know she can effortlessly juggle between two different dance concepts, like a pro? Well, that's exactly what she has done in her new performance project. On February 22 at 6 pm KST, TWICE official YouTube released a special video titled 'MOMO Performance Project'. Momo is seen dancing to Masego and FKJ’s Tadow and Christopher’s Bad. Leejung Lee choreographed the Tadow performance, while the Bad performance was choreographed by J-HO.

The video begins with slow and sensuous music in a monochrome setting. We can see Momo wearing a crop top, covered by a loose white shirt, a big black hat paired with knee-high black boots. She looks stunning in her outfit, as she begins looks up at the camera. Her red lips complimenting her attire to the tee. She beings performing her dance in an abandoned, dust-covered room. The video transitions between colour and monochrome, as Momo doesn't skip a beat! The beat and the setting change to a different concept. Momo is seen wearing an all-red ensemble and a sailor cap. The tempo is faster and pacer, as compared to the previous slow and sensuous dance. The spotlight accentuates her expressions as she immerses herself in her dance. The performance ends with her smiling at the camera.

You can watch Momo's stunning dance performance below:

Momo's amazing dance and striking duality stunned ONCE all over the world. Fans took over Twitter to express their love for her. ONCE are predicting that this might just be the beginning of new solo performances from other TWICE members as well. Previously, some of the members of TWICE  have released song covers via their Melody Project.

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