TXT Beomgyu celebrates his birthday today; Here are 5 times Beomgyu had our hearts fluttering

We wish TXT's Beomgyu a very happy birthday! In celebration, here is everything we love about the young musical genius.
TXT,Beomgyu TXT Beomgyu celebrates his birthday today; Here are 5 times Beomgyu had our hearts fluttering
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Tomorrow x Together's Beomgyu turns 20 years old today and the whole world is celebrating on this occasion. Beomgyu is loved by millions for his incredible talent, bright personality and especially for the chaotic energy he embodies. Throughout his journey as an artist, he has grown both musically as well as personally and that growth shines through. He also happens to be one of the funniest members of the group and is always the life of the party no matter where they go. From taking care of members to making sure they're all having a good time, Beomgyu is an angel to say the least. 

Here are 5 Beomgyu moments that had us falling even more in love with his charm!

When Beomgyu fell asleep in the middle of rehearsal, on the floor in the practice room, it evoked all the love and affection fans could possibly give him.

Every time Beomgyu goes back to check his work from the camera's point of view, he looks more serious than ever and his sharp gaze is truly passionate and scrutinizing at the same time. 

Beomgyu is very attentive to Huening Kai and the two share an adorable bond. He always makes sure to take care of Huening Kai no matter where they are and it shows just how good of an older brother or hyung he is. For instance, that one time Huening Kai couldn't turn on his mic, Beomgyu took it upon himself to turn it on and test it for his little brother.

Beomgyu has a habit of doing a little dance every time he's happy about something and it is the most adorable thing in the whole wide world. To think that one of the best dancers in the industry has such cute little moves for when he's happy is truly a wonder.

Much like RM from BTS, Beomgyu also has the habit of smiling at his group members from afar whenever they do anything remotely commendable or cute and that smile is the proudest one we've ever seen him sport. 

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What's your favourite thing about Beomgyu? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section down below!