TXT members have hilarious reactions to Yeonjun’s ‘Artist Of The Month’ performance; Find out

Published on Jul 24, 2021 04:25 PM IST  |  195.4K
TXT on the way to an event : courtesy of News1

TOMORROW x TOGETHER are hilarious! We’ve seen time and again how the boys seek pleasure in making fun of each other and leave no chance of doing so. And at the same time, they appreciate each other’s strengths and help them through their weaknesses. What we want to say is, TXT is close. And just how close, you are about to find out.

Oldest of the group, Yeonjun was chosen as the ‘Artist Of The Month’ for Studio Choom’s project for July. He went on to do a stunning performance of Harry Style’s Watermelon Sugar and Ed Sheeran with Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton’s ‘Blow’. The performance left everyone in awe and we have another post appreciating that. 

Just like everyone else, we’re sure the boys of TOMORROW x TOGETHER found it mesmerizing. Only, their way of expression was a little different than ours. In a recent V Live broadcast Yeonjun spoke about the hard work that went behind his dance. He spoke about his worries but was finally satisfied when the video was released. A fan commented about the other members’ reactions to which Yeonjun said he sent the video himself in their group chat.

The first to reply was Taehyun who complimented his fine work and also added that Yeonjun needed to eat more and become stronger, making good fun of his lean figure. As for the youngest, Huening Kai, he jokingly accused Yeonjun of copying his own dancing style while admitting the hard work. Soobin was appreciative but didn’t stop there. The TXT leader called the performance ‘disturbing but sexy’, making Yeonjun and all of us crack up. Because of a busy schedule, member Beomgyu was unable to add to the funny reactions and instead only congratulated Yeonjun. We are sure though, Beomgyu would have had his own set of cheeky comments. 

The group is set to release a repackaged version of their second studio album, ‘The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape’ on 17 August.

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