TXT reign over the Oricon Charts with their latest comeback

Published on Aug 21, 2021 02:38 PM IST  |  172.8K
TXT's concept image for 'The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE': Courtesy of Bighit Music
TXT's concept image for 'The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE': Courtesy of Bighit Music

On releasing their repackaged album ‘The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE’ on August 17, TOMORROW X TOGETHER once again proved their popularity all across the globe. The album ranked number one on the Oricon’s ‘Daily Album’ charts for two consecutive days, that is, August 18 and 19, and sold over 17,332 copies on the second day.


The group also joined their labelmates BTS to become the only two K-pop artists to have a song chart in the Top 10 of Japan’s LINE Music Charts. The title song of the album, ‘LOSER=LOVER’ entered the ‘Top Song’ charts on August 17 at number six and has peaked at number three so far. 


‘LOSER=LOVER’ is an intense song with high-end catchy music backed by instrumental melodies and impeccable vocals. The song talks about how a ‘loser’ desires to be a hero and ‘lover’ to his one and only.


The music video is a heartfelt rendition of love where the members are trying to express the dichotomy of being a lover. All the five boys can be seen performing the song on a moving truck while clips of each of their character's hardships are also shown in the perfectly directed MV.


Previously, the group topped iTunes Top Album charts in over 15 regions including Argentina, Brazil, Sweden and more, proving the immense love and support they are receiving from fans. 


The group’s previous album ‘The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE’ charted on the Billboard 200 charts for nine consecutive weeks, increasing the expectations from the repackaged version as well.


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