TXT Yeonjun grabs the spotlight in Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month

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TXT Yeonjun; Image Courtesy: News1

TXT, known for their unique songs, concepts and incredibly complex choreographies, were in the limelight since debut for being the brother group of BTS and the audience had high expectations which the young group easily reached and even heightened expectations with each comeback. Yeonjun, the oldest and dance leader of TXT, is famous for his on-stage charm and personality and has been chosen by Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month for July. He will be performing remixed renditions of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles and ‘Blow’. 

In the introductory video, Yeonjun expressed his excitement for his first solo performance and hopes to do it well. He is determined to work hard on his new choreography and thrilled to show a new side of him on screen. He also talked about his childhood, “I thought I would end up as an artist because I’ve always had a lot of pent-up energy. Dancing was the first thing that I began because I actually enjoyed it which I think motivates me further. Whenever I had time, I practiced regularly. If I want to do well, I think practice is the only way to do it.” 

When asked about what dance means in his life, “When I dance, there are no limits. It allows me to be myself. I think it’s the best way to express myself.” He even mentioned his fandom MOA, “Our MOAs, I know you have waited for this for a while. I will try my best to give a great performance today. Please stay tuned, I love you.” 

The performance will be released on Studio Choom’s Youtube Channel on July 16 and we cannot wait to see a dynamic performance from the dance leader of TXT, Yeonjun!

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