Unpaused Review: Hope, survival & aspirations amidst Covid 19, don't miss this heartachingly good anthology

A story of survival that humans are currently living through, Unpaused pays a great tribute to that spirit and makes us even more aware of our lockdown-induced learnings.
Unpaused Review: Hope, survival & aspirations amidst Covid 19, don't miss this heartachingly good anthology.
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Creators: Raj & DK, Nikkhil Advani, Tannishtha,  Avinash Arun, Nitya Mehra 

Unpaused Cast: Gulshan Deviah, Saiyami Kher, Richa Chadha, Sumeet Vyas, Ishwak Singh, Rinku Rajguru, Lillete Dubey,  Abhishek Banerjee, Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, Ratna Pathak Shah, Shardul Bharadwaj  

The year 2020 forced us to deal with the Covid 19 pandemic but imagine dealing with Covid 30? Unimaginable right? Unpaused, an anthology of five short films, brings to life five heartfelt stories of hope, survival, aspirations and heartachingly well told stories. All shorts are set in the post-Covid era as we dealt with being trapped inside our own homes and tried to make sense of what hit us. In the review, we will give you a lowdown on these films and why it should definitely feature on your weekend watchlist. 


First up is Glitch by The Family Man creators Raj & DK. Starring Gulshan Deviah and Saiyami Kher, this short gives us a sneak peek of living in a futuristic world with Coronavirus still looming large. A software engineer by profession, the virus turns Gulshan into a hypochondriac who now only lives inside the four walls of his home. From growing his own hybrid veggies to only speaking to his virtual assistant, the makers of Glitch show what life would be like if Coronavirus is here to stay for the next 10 or 20 years.

Glitch is all things quirky and Gulshan and Saiyami are a treat to watch as a hypochondriac and corona warrior bear open their emotional side to each other after being set up on a blind date. A mix of technology and human emotions, Glitch will get you kicked about Unpaused. 


Created by Nikkhil Advani, Apartment stars Richa Chadha, Sumeet Vyas and Paatal Lok's Ishwak Singh. The short forces us to reflect and look deeper at mental health as the country sprung into a lockdown in March 2020. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression and suicidal tendencies, Advani creates a high profile world consisting of Richa Chadha and Sumeet Vyas as a magazine owner and editor respectively as the latter is charged with serious sexual misconduct allegations. It is Ishwak Singh's character as a neighbour that brings life to this short as Richa grapples with her husband's case, her divorce and accusations. Richa is vulnerable and real in her performance and is definitely the star of Apartment. 

Rat – A – Tat 

Directed by Tannishtha, Rat – A – Tat  features Sairat fame Rinku Rajguru and Lillete Dubey forging an unexpected friendship. This short brings together two women from different generations due to hilarious circumstances and the result is a heartwarming tale of friendship and love.

Set in the quaint bylanes of Mumbai, a senior citizen and an assistant production designer rediscover themselves as the lockdown and a rat forces them to live together. From rediscovering old passions to mending bridges with loved ones, this short holds up a mirror of how people around the world were forced to spend their time indoors with family or strangers. It was refreshing to see Lillete Dubey onscreen after a long time as the actress followed all social distancing norms. 


Probably one of the most entertaining yet heartbreaking films of all the five shorts, Vishaanu stars Paatal Lok's Abhishek Banerjee and actress Geetika Vidya Ohlyan. Director Avinash Arun turns our focus towards the plight of a migrant family as they struggle to make their way back home to Bhagwada in Rajasthan from the city of dreams. Abhishek and Geeta are believable and relatable from the minute Vishaanu begins playing. With loss of jobs, no money and a bleak future, the family's struggle for survival is well essayed using real life events. 

From no clarity on long distance trains in the initial few months of lockdown, the migrant crisis to even using the rise in trend of viral dance videos, Avinash Arun cleverly uses it to make this a heartwarming story of aspirations and stark reality. 

Chaand Mubarak

Starring Ratna Pathak Shah and Shardul Bharadwaj is a simple yet realistic story many of us may have witnessed around us during the lockdown. Directed by Made In Heaven's Nitya Mehra, the short takes us on a rickshaw ride of emotions. With Shardul essaying the character of a rickshaw driver and Ratna his passenger, this short is a tale of loneliness and friendship. 

While Ratna's circumstances force her to enlist the services of the rickshaw driver for her daily errands, the duo strike a chord when they realise that their situations are not too different from each other. The director smartly uses the mandatory mask as a device to literally 'mask up' feelings. This immensely gratifying tale definitely is one of the best short films of all five. 

Should you watch Unpaused? 

In the last few months, the OTT platform has seen a massive rise in a variety of content. However, there's nothing on the streaming platforms like Unpaused right now. A story of survival that humans have lived through, Unpaused pays a great tribute to that spirit and makes us even more aware of our lockdown-induced learnings. Even though all shorts may not be as good as the next one, Unpaused must make it to your watchlist.     

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