Upcoming mystery thriller The Road: Tragedy of One releases first ever video teaser

4 weeks ago  |  97.9K
Actor Ji Jin Hee attending the end of the tvn Monday-Tuesday drama '60 Days, Designated Survivor'; courtesy of News1.

tvN's new Wednesday-Thursday drama The Road: Tragedy of One is a mystery thriller depicting a story in which a terrible and tragic event takes place on a heavy rain night, and silence, avoidance, and secrets intertwined like a thread lead to another tragedy. Following the lineup of Ji Jin Hee, Yoon Se Ah and Kim Hye Eun as main leads, the anticipation index is further raised by guaranteeing an unpredictable mystery reversal every time in a crime thriller full of urgency.

The first teaser video that was released recently captured the colors of The Road: The Tragedy of One in just 15 seconds. The light leaking through the gap in the narrow door creates a black and white contrast, creating a heavy tension. The facial expressions of the three people looking inside also intersect, creating a meaningful atmosphere.

Ji Jin Hee in the play is an announcer who reports only the truth to atone for past events. However, he gets caught up in a tragic incident again and falls into confusion not knowing where to go. Unlike the confident figure of a journalist who ranks first in credibility, the flurry of his eyes shows his agitation, stimulating curiosity about what might have happened.

Yoon Se Ah, the wife of Ji Jin Hee, a warm mother of her son, and a popular miniature artist, also shows the sadness she struggles to suppress in her elegant smile. Attention is drawn to the incident that brought a crack to the peaceful daily life of Yoon Se Ah, who always kept her dignity.

Anchor Kim Hye Eun, who has everything yet her list of desires keeps growing, is making a confident expression without any signs of wavering. However, in the face that quickly changed, she gave a candid yet secretive smile, raising curiosity about what secrets she might have hidden.

Ji Jin Hee, Yoon Se Ah and Kim Hye Eun seem to melt into their characters in the series with just this short scene and convey their emotions. The synergy of their delicate acting is more awaited.

The series is scheduled to broadcast since August 4.

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