Upcoming thriller Midnight confirmed for simultaneous release on TV and in theatres on June 30

Published on Jun 12, 2021 02:25 PM IST  |  319.5K
The official poster of Midnight featuring Jin Ki Joo
The official poster of Midnight featuring Jin Ki Joo; courtesy of TVING

A life-threatening hide-and-seek between a psychopathic killer and a deaf woman, Midnight, will be released on June 30. The story is about a girl with hearing impairment, Kyung Mi (Jin Ki Joo), who witnesses a murder at midnight and becomes the new prey of the serial killer, Do Shik (Wi Ha Joon). The release date has been confirmed and the main poster is released for the first time, raising expectations.

The released main poster catches the eye with the appearance of the two characters facing each other, and the blue color reminiscent of Midnight makes viewers feel cool. Jin Ki Joo, who portrays Kyung Mi, is staring somewhere with an anxious and fearful expression, while Wi Ha Joon, who portrays Do Shik, throws eerie gazes, creating contrast and stimulating curiosity.

The words, "The hearing-impaired eyewitness becomes the target of a serial killer" convey the birth of their unique thriller, and adds anticipation as it predicts that they will provide extreme tension through a fierce chase.

Actress Jin Ki Joo made her breakthrough in the Korean entertainment industry with the lead role in the drama Come and Hug Me alongside Jang Ki Yong. She’s also popular for the drama The Secret Life of My Secretary and Homemade Love Story.

Wi Ha Joon is known most recently from the drama 18 Again and will also be appearing in the film Shark: The Beginning. He is also currently reviewing his appearance in the drama Bad and Crazy alongside actor Lee Dong Wook.

Midnight will be released simultaneously on TV and in theatres on June 30.

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