V’s BE Log out now; ARMYs can’t stop gushing over the soft vocals and cute sneak peeks!

BTS’ special gifts for ARMYs are here! BE Log captures the journey of individual members, with a particular song and today’s the day for the Nation’s Bear, aka. Kim Taehyung
BTS' V in a still from the video of BE Log; with text 'And now I'm feelin' brand new' written on it V’s BE Log out now; ARMYs can’t stop gushing over the soft vocals and cute sneak peeks!
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It’s here, it’s here! BigHit dropped the first BE Log of V and our day is made! Starting today, ARMYs will be receiving this heavenly treat daily as each day BigHit will be dropping these Vlogs. Their latest album release BE has been a smashing hit on the charts and a saviour of ARMY’s hearts in the lockdown.

The BE (Essential Edition) has, no doubt, been a boon to fans around the world. Started with BE Polaroids, and Decorating Their Photo Cards, and a fun, casual BE-hind Story where members took each other’s interviews, BE Logs are the next best thing being released by BigHit!

The vlog titled, [BE-Log] V l #뷔로그​ #FlyToMyRoom, starts with swift montages of V (Kim Taehyung) in the process of ideating and writing the song, Fly To My Room. ARMYs also get a chance to see V’s muscles (brb, it’s getting hot) in the vlog! It’s followed by fun moments of him on set. The whole 1 min 33 secs of the vlog has the Fly To My Room playing in the background, while cute handwritten scribbles by V appear to give us a context of the things he's doing in the vlog!

This BE Log almost looks like a staff from BigHit sat down with a checklist of things ARMYs would want to see and grant their wishes.

Visuals? Check.
Vocals? Check.
Cute? Check.
Innocent? Check.
Hot? Check.
Funny? Check.

Oh and a bonus wish! While our baby Bear practices his workout, we also see the leader, RM (Kim Namjoon), doing a small workout session. Everything in the video is a treat for the eyes, guys! Many ARMYs are demanding BigHit to close the gym and hey, where’s the petition for it? We’d like to sign up for that too. Things are getting too hot to handle!

Check out V’s BE Log here:

Starting today, 2nd March, BigHit will release one vlog per day for each member. Scroll down to see the full schedule!













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What did you think of this drool-worthy surprise? Tell us your favourite moment of V’s Log in our comments below!

Anonymous 2 months ago

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I love this cute boy

Anonymous 2 months ago

His voice <3

Anonymous 2 months ago

I cannot handle this boy. He is a gift from God and his pure charms leave me in tears. Borahae TaeTae and BTS :)